Mukesh Ambani's fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company, Reliance Consumer Products (RCPL), has entered the beauty, personal care (BPC), and home care markets with a vision for the entire country. The decision was made a few weeks after the business introduced a number of goods under the Independence brand in the consumer food and beverage staples category.

Reliance, which has a history of upsetting market dynamics after entering a new sector, is now placing a significant wager on the nation's Rs 5 lakh crore branded FMCG market. A significant aspect of its product strategy is the fact that it has the greatest network of contemporary retail stores and 3 million kirana partners.

But, its most recent move puts it in direct rivalry with Hindustan Unilever (HUL), India's largest full-range FMCG company, which also happens to be the market leader in the BPC and home care sectors. The biggest beauty soap and dishwasher brands in the nation are owned by HUL; RCPL has entered these markets. The leading brands of beauty soaps are Lifebuoy, Lux, Dove, Pears, and HUL. It leads the market with Vim in the dishwasher segment.

On the other hand, RCPL has developed three brands: Glimmer in the market for beauty soap bars, Get Real in the industry for herbal and natural products, and Puric in the market for antiseptics. Similar to HUL, Dozo, a brand of dishwasher, has been introduced to the general public through drinks and bars.

According to an RCPL spokesperson, it plans to aggressively scale up these launches through omni-channel distribution across India in the coming months. “Our ambition is to help every Indian household get access to quality products at reasonable price points. This range of home and personal care products boasts high efficacy with superior formulation. These have been developed keeping “Real India” consumer problems at their core,” the spokesperson added.

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