According to a recent report, the ready-mix concrete market in India is poised to grow by $1.47 billion during 2022-2026, progressing at a CAGR of 6.15% during the forecast period. Yet in India, the use of RMC is still at a relatively nascent stage as compared to that of many developed countries. On the bright side, an increased usage of RMC can be witnessed in the coming years. India’s infrastructure development is going up as per latest budget announcement and government plans to restructure the national highways, airports, and metro rail projects. This bores well for ready-mix concrete industry.

Anil Banchhor, Managing Director & CEO

In such a booming industry, not every organization provides clients the end-to-end services and support that is required but merely focus on a few verticals. Silhouetting among this crowd is RDC Concrete (India) Pvt Ltd, the largest independent ready-mix concrete company in India, which provides end-to-end support to its customers right from the point of manufacturing concrete to delivering it to the client location.

Since the average life of the company’s ready-mix concrete is about 3 hours post manufacturing, it ensures to manage the logistics through different vendor partners who deploy sophisticated transit mixers. On the other hand, customers are offered with the benefit of tracking the vehicle once it is dispatched from the plant though an in-house portal named RDCTRAK where the performance of all fleets are duly monitored. Anil Banchhor, Managing Director & CEO, RDC Concrete, adds, “Our cost is the lowest in the industry despite various challenges that we face, which gives us an edge above our competitors”.

Our company is 29 years old & we are the pioneers in commercial ready mix concrete business in India. It's interesting that the average age of employees working in our company is also 29 years, that makes RDC Concrete a young bunch of talents strive to attain success in customer services. Entire processes are aligned with our tagline of we deliver our promise.

Shakti Nanda
Business Head

Solutions Galore

With a customer-centric focus, RDC Concrete offers RMC solutions for different challenges faced by the construction industry. For instance, the company offers ultralow heat of hydration in concrete, which has the least heat of hydration released leading to maximum temperature being the least across any other concrete mix for the same performance. Such concretes are used for mass concrete structures like Mass Foundations, Back Fill Concretes, Piers or any structure whose least dimension is more than 1 metre. RDC also provides assistance in terms of prediction of peak temperature at the core of mass concrete and the differential with respect to the surface of concrete.

The other solutions of RDC include concrete solutions for flooring both for architectural and industrial purposes; solutions for concrete required in highly corrosive environments for which high-performance specification is being specified (Examples – Rapid Chloride Migration Test, Water Permeability); solutions for fast-track projects which require strength at early age so that cycle times can be reduced; and solutions for concrete with least carbon footprint. Anil adds, “We have solutions for any challenge faced by the construction industry and have been the major part of the technical team’s vision i.e., to become the go-to provider of cost-effective solutions for any challenge faced by the industry”. Adhering to the tagline – ‘We Promise We Deliver’, RDC Concrete takes pride in its happy customer base who are happy with its services and quality which is monitored through Telephonic Net Promoter Score.

The Backbones

Breathing a vision that speaks 3 qualities – providing quality concrete solutions, creating customer delight, and reaching leadership position, RDC Concrete seamlessly enforces the same vision and values to all its 1500 employees. Since ready-mix concrete is a people business, the young and energetic team at RDC assures to drive the complete business and work collectively to achieve success. On the other hand, the company focuses on its employees’ overall development by conducting a stream of in-house as well as external trainings, events, and function-wise conclaves to share the knowledge and develop them for future leadership roles. Besides, its e-Learning platform ‘Deeksha’ encompasses multiples courses for their overall development. In a nutshell, the company treats its employees as the backbones and nothing less!

Spearheading the company is Anil, a veteran in the ready-mix concrete industry. He started his career in the top construction companies and held various leadership positions in multiple building material companies. He along with his team bring a vast sum of experiences across various industries to the table.

Future Plans

With a presence all over India in all major cities in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar and Kolkata including 63 plants, RDC Concrete is sailing ahead with sheer success in all its endeavours. In addition to this, the company is working for some of the prestigious projects like L&T bullet train project, Worli Bandra Extension, and various metro projects. So far, the company has proven its expertise in the infra, residential, and commercial projects including roads and low-cost housing while planning to grow towards north-eastern states.