For years together, agriculture has been an important sector of Indian economy as it contributes to a major percentage of the total GDP as well as provides employment to a majority of the population. India is a large nation with diverse agricultural methods and product preferences in each state. To reorganise towards betterment, a communal effort is required. Understanding the importance of the importance of this communal effort, a swarm of companies have plunged into this market with their portfolio of agro-gardening services and products. Standing tall amidst this crowd is Mumbai-based Ratanshi’s, which was established in 1965 with the sole notion that nature and plants within it, service a greater purpose. That every interaction with nature is accompanied by an uplifting, fortifying and restorative energy. In fact, the very culture at Ratanshi’s seeks to promote and foster the belief that gardening is a joyful activity, which not only contributes to green culture but also promotes inner tranquillity. The same culture is extended to its business sector too.

Passion, Hobby & Love for Plants

Bharat S. Shah - Managing Director
Shantibhai R. Shah - Chairman
Vijay S. Shah - Managing Director

Shantibhai R. Shah, Chairman, Ratanshi’s, articulates, “It’s all about passion, hobby and love for plants and we should make it a pleasurable experience for all. We want to provide a comprehensive solution to demystify plants by catering to non-horticulturists and elevate the experience beyond the confines of a local garden supply center”. Today, the company owns several departments as it deals with a wide range of agro-gardening products, wherein each department is committed to bringing something fresh to the table, every day! Every aspect, be it marketing, production, or simple day-to-day concerns, is addressed seriously, and there are ongoing efforts to improve them.

Each team member is allocated duties with the value of time in mind. The entire team at Ratanshi’s ensures to take every effort to minimise customer delays and dissatisfaction, while holding the authorisation to make judgments in the best interest of the organisation. No wonder, Ratanshi’s has been the market leader in introducing innovative products continuously for decades by staying abreast of new developments and never being hesitant to experiment.

Ratanshi’s specializes in creating fertilizers for gardening. Toprose™, a rose fertiliser that was developed in 1968 and has led the rose fertiliser market for the past 54 years, is its flagship product. Furthermore, the company has the most recent seed variations that yield the most sustainable and high-quality products. Its fertilizers are manufactured in a variety of forms, namely powder, granular, pellets, tablets, and liquid. These in turn encompass and cater to professional and novice gardeners’ needs alike.

Competitive Pricing

Speaking of pricing set for these products, Shantibhai adds, “First and foremost, we are a primarily vertically integrated firm. As a result of in-house production, costs are reduced immediately. In addition, a wide network of retailers and wholesalers makes bulk production quite simple. When production and sales increase, this instantly cuts costs, allowing us to sell at competitive pricing”.

Besides, the company conducts extensive research to determine the price of the goods. There is a great deal of examination of all product material inputs. Cost targets are always established, and if they are not met, the team at Ratanshi’s does not proceed.

Any product requires results in order to establish itself. Whether it is gardening equipment, fertilisers, or new seed type, it must be superior to its predecessor in terms of utility. To attain these objectives, Ratanshi’s is committed to gaining knowledge of current trends. The company connects with purchasers to determine the absence of a product or the enhancement of a product's utility and introduces new products based on customers’ input and its own understanding. In addition, items such as fertilizers must undergo comprehensive testing before being offered to the market. Therefore, the company adheres to a range of stringent internal standards and ensures that each batch of a new product is nearly faultless before releasing it to the clients.

Future Plans

When asked about the company’s future plans, Shantibhai asserts, “At Ratanshi’s, we believe and work towards the enhancement of agricultural techniques. They must be simplified, and the results and yields must be maximised. All of these, but not at the expense of our natural world or the environment”. The company’s main goal is that we as humans need to preserve what our ancestors have given us. Under the leadership of Vijay S. Shah and Bharat S. Shah, Managing Directors, Ratanshi’s offers a lending hand to one’s innate desire to connect with nature. It strongly believes the need to practice agricultural and gardening activities that do not harm the nature nor deplete the God-given natural resources. Moreover, dedication, up-to-date information, correct expertise, customer service, and supplying buyers with products worth their money are beliefs that govern its everyday operations.