Shubhika jain, Founder & CEO

Natural skincare and beauty are gaining the spotlight, as more people are seeking clean and sustainable solutions for their beauty routines. If you are one among them, we are happy to introduce to you RAS, a farm-to-face luxury brand that stands for essence and happiness. RAS combines nature's well-kept secrets and creates beauty products that elevate well-being. They take pride in sourcing only the freshest and most potent ingredients from local farmers and manufacturers. Each product is carefully crafted to treat specific skin concerns and enriched with botanical goodness. We invite you to join their journey of sensorial beauty that has the power to perform and transform.

The Inception

RAS is an organization founded by three inspiring women who have made it their mission to bring the true authenticity of natural beauty products from their farms to the world. Led by Shubhika Jain, the Founder, and CEO at RAS, Sangeeta Jain, the Co-founder who looks into R&D and production, and Suramya Jain, the Co-founder, and CMO at RAS, this vertically integrated company has established itself as a pioneer in the industry. With a focus on transparency, purity, and responsibility, RAS is committed to empowering women at all levels and has provided employment opportunities to 70% of women in their organization.

Speaking about the inception, Shubhika Jain (Founder & CEO) says, “Before the inception of RAS, I used to work in the agribusiness division of my family business & the essential oils manufacturing & trading unit. I got to closely work on the process and was exposed to authentic essential oils and aromas that were manufactured all around the globe. The products right from the mass market to luxury brands that I tried were not really using the ingredients in their pure and authentic form and international brands were buying the rich ingredients from India and formulating to sell them back to us. This moment gave the inception to the Brand RAS - which means essence and happiness in Sanskrit - and I had one goal to bring the true authenticity of natural products from our farms to the world. As a company, these were and are our brand pillars. From our work in research and development, production, marketing/communications, and customer service; everything we do must be transparent, pure, and responsible. We are a vertically integrated company where everything happens in the house including R&D in a DSIR-approved lab and production.”

Distinguished Player

Since the start with the face, essential, and body oils, the company’s product line has expanded to include hair oil, gels, serums, mists, and toners sourced from farms, partner farmers, and manufacturers across India. “Our categories include face elixirs, toners, eye serums, multipurpose moisturizers, face cleansers, lip care and tints, face masks, face tools, hair oils, body oils, pure plant oils, and essential oils. Each RAS product is infused with at least 10+ active botanicals and delivers high-performing clean beauty. Our multi-purpose products offer dynamic benefits, such as the Ultra Hydrate Multi-Purpose Gel for Skin and Hair, the Solaris Ultra-Light Daily Defence Moisturizer Day Cream SPF 50, and the 24K Gold Radiance Beauty Boosting Face Elixir. We prioritize eco-friendliness by partnering directly with farmers and practicing organic farming. Our Farm to Face process includes cultivation and extraction, testing and approval, and production and packaging in small batches at our FDA-approved facility,” she adds.

RAS successfully collaborated with Priya Bannerjee by launching a co-curated bundle of her favorite RAS skincare products. Priya's Glow-To-Skincare Ritual includes Gleam Makeup Melting Cleansing Oil, Reusable Bamboo Cotton Facial Pads, Polish Up Clay Face Mask, 24k Gold Radiance Beauty Boosting Elixir, and Oh-So-Luxe Tinted Liquid Lip Balm. The collaboration resulted in a signature canvas pouch at a price of Rs.2250.

Furthermore, RAS introduced an exclusive range of amenity kits for Vistara's Premium Economy class customers, marking the first time that an Indian airline has launched a luxury amenity kit for this segment. The kit includes RAS Nourish Mango Butter Lip Balm, RAS Soothe Softening & Hydrating Hand Cream, and tube socks for additional comfort during flights. The RAS Amenity kit is made with 100% organic cotton canvas fibers and beautiful Ikat prints, and all the components are recyclable and microplastic-free, aligning with Vistara's five-star standards of excellence.

What’s Ahead?

RAS owes its incredible success to a clear vision, effective and consistent digital marketing, and influencer-led content, which have enabled them to scale its business and impact over a million consumers. With an unwavering commitment to providing value to their customers, RAS' in-house team works tirelessly to create content that not only promotes their products but also adds value to the consumer's everyday life. This strategy of delivering "valuable content" has been a game changer for the market, serving as the largest source of revenue generation for the brand. Looking ahead, RAS plans to focus on expanding internationally and establishing itself as one of the top skincare companies in the world. In pursuit of this goal, the brand is working on innovating its cosmetic range to deliver skincare benefits and expanding its product lines to offer more choices to its audiences. Additionally, RAS plans to launch its first-ever retail outlet, providing its customers with a luxurious shopping experience that's difficult to replicate online. With its sights set on a global footprint, RAS is poised to increase its impact on society on an even larger scale. “5 years from now, I see myself and the organization as one of the top skincare companies in the world, putting India on the global map for skincare which has been dominated by French and Korean players. I see our impact on society increasing to a larger level,” Shubhika Jain concludes.