There are many Quality Issues faced during construction of High-Rise Buildings, which may ultimately result in compromising upon the final quality, although after having very good intent and even after spending a huge amount of money by the Builder or Promoter. 

High Rise construction projects are like setting up an Industry for a few years till the construction is over and also taking responsibility for maintenance of the constructed High-Rise, for a few more years, even after crossing the 'defect liability period'; before the maintenance responsibilities are officially handed over to the purchasers.

After finalizing the land upon which the High-Rise Construction shall take place, huge amounts of investment for materials, equipment and manpower are necessary to execute the construction of any High-Rise Building, involving various professionals from different fields. 

The main problems faced during construction of High-Rise Buildings are :- 

Lack of proper Quality Control of Raw Materials. Use of Rusted / Corroded Steel Reinforcements. Using contaminated Steel Reinforcements. Lack of proper quality checking for services rendered by the various Contractors. Lack of proper washing, cleaning of procured materials. Lack of proper surface preparation before waterproofing treatment and before painting jobs.

Lack of proper Curing due to inadequate arrangement of free water from Builder's end. Lack of regular inspection to higher floors due to inadequate provision of Lifts. Lack of proper supervision due to inadequate number of Supervisors and experience issues.

Wrong choice of waterproofing areas/zones, wrong choice of waterproofing compounds and wrong procedures, improper/inadequate workmanship in Waterproofing Treatment, over-prescription of waterproofing chemicals by chemical selling representatives, contamination of waterproofing chemicals during work, improper mixing, inadequate curing time, carelessness, etc. 

Lack of coordination among various contractors so that execution of work can be done in a coordinated manner without hampering the work already done by other Contractors. 

Lack of proper work progress check-list in a coordinated manner, under supervision of highly experienced technical experts. 

Dishonesty and vested interest of some work inspectors thereby compromising upon the final quality.  

High Attrition Rate of Project-In-Charge with new entrants for the same project. 

Discontinuation of work by Contractors and re-entrusting the work to a different Contractor. 

High Attrition Rate of other responsible persons involved with the construction project and replacement with new entrants for the same posts. 

So if the above-mentioned points are properly addressed to and taken care of, the end result can be excellent and shall enhance the Builders / Promoter's Goodwill to a great extent. 

The Main Issues which may lead towards Legal Complications:-  

 The main issues faced by Builder / Promoter are Cracking Issues, SaltPeter Action, Rising Dampness, Leakage from Bathrooms, Basements, Roofs, Lift Pits, Water Reservoirs, Deck Slabs, Painting and Finishing Issues, etc. 

These problems are serious in nature and often leads to legal hassles and litigation due to complaints by clients and thereby causes negative effect to the goodwill of Builders / Promoters - in spite of their 'good intent' and 'customer caring attitude'. 

Solution :- 

The problems can be solved if the above-mentioned points are (a) seriously noted, (b) proper action-plan is taken and (c) proper coordination is done between all the departments, vendors and contractors related to the construction. 

For this purpose a separate exclusive post should be created and the works should be entrusted to an experienced Quality Consultant having his own set of supporting team members, who shall take responsibility with full authority to oversee the maintenance of Quality Assurance Procedures ( QAP's ) for the construction project.