In the current global landscape, there is an ongoing shortage of people and supply chain crises which is placing multiple businesses at serious risk. According to a recent report by Nasscom-Zinnov, India is projected to face a shortage of 14-19 lakh tech professionals by 2026. In addition to this, India continues to be a magnet for attracting new industries such as manufacturing and SaaS away from China and other markets. Delving deep into these challenges and opportunities, Qualesce understands the various gaps in the current human-centric business and industrial processes. By implementing state-of-the-art process intelligence covering process mining, modelling, simulation and permutations, Qualesce is a pioneer in bot-centric processes which maximize the benefits of digitization. In addition, Qualesce is continuing to disrupt the marketplace by unveiling the industry-first Fractional Software Bots that can dynamically map skills to bots and employing a use-based cost model lowering total cost of entry and accelerating the customer journey towards digitization. This further lowers the cost points for automation and accelerates customer journey towards digitization. 


Andy Asava, Founder & Executive Chairman, Qualesce, adds, “Automate Everything! that’s our tagline. As a company, we have automated over 150,000 business processes across several top verticals as such. We are uniquely positioned in our journey and view ourselves as a catalyst that is driving the digital transformation”. Andy is an accomplished serial entrepreneur with 30 years of technology experience and with a focus on automation, cybersecurity, and telecom. Hailing from India, Andy is a global leader based in the U.S. for 40 years and with postings in Europe for 3 years and Hong Kong for 3 years. All through this journey, he aspired to lay the foundation for a company that revolutionizes RPA.

From a humble beginning of just 2 to 3 people, Qualesce has grown into a leading company with over 120 people across India, US and Europe. Especially in India, the company takes pride in its marquee set of customers hailing from different verticals including insurance, manufacturing, banking to name a few.

Andy asserts, “What motivates me, and my team is our unswerving focus on creating and developing a next-gen company in India that can take RPA to greater heights across the globe”. Moreover, customers referring other customers is another advantage of Qualesce that is bringing them more projects and driving their growth trajectory as a global powerhouse.


Qualesce consists of four pillars: qKnowledge, qServcies, qLab and qCloud. qKnowledge consists of pre-built digital assets that can be put together like Legos to fast-track the development time needed for automation. qServices provides a consultative approach to automation that is deep-rooted in delivering predictable and high ROI business outcomes for the customers. Qualesce is not a vendor to its customers but a true partner that always has the customers’ best interests on the forefront. Qualesce studies the functional processes, documents them, develops a bot-centric blueprint and then delivers secure, scalable and robust automation solution. qLab provides a low-code and no-code approach to automation through meta data models and parametric approach to deliver scalability from the smallest to the largest implementations. qCloud provides a comprehensive migration to the cloud along with building fully functional digital twin functionality. Cloud migration consists of porting data using ETL (Export, Transform and Load) from on-premises systems to cloud-based systems using digital bots. A digital twin is a fully contained cloud-based sandbox that mimics the actual customer environment. qCloud offers a digital approach to cloud transformation that drives functional process excellence to complete business continuity planning and disaster recovery solutions. 


Behind these thorough research and hard work lies a strong leadership team entailing Andy, his business partner Matt Stolba, Managing Partner & Program Director, and Rani Heda, Global HR & Operation Director. Matt has over 25 years of technology experience with a focus on large-scale automation COE (Center of Excellence) buildouts, identity management, telecom, and data centre migration. He is responsible for most of the deliverables and execution with the team at Qualesce. He personally looks after all the project plans, resourcing, and quality delivery. Also, Rani brings over 35 years of back-office experience to the table that ranges from customer service, quality control, HR, finance and process excellence.

Not just the leaders of Qualesce are well-experienced, the employees are next-gen talent including Ambika, Balaji, Bharath, Goutam, Lakshmidevi, Lingaraj, Mukhaid, Pooja, Prashant, Praveen, Satya, Sushma, Vandana, Vijayashree, Vikram, Vinay and Vishnu who each lead their own micro business units inside the company. Core to Qualesce success is its unmatched hands-on immersive bootcamp. Qualesce brings in young talent with fresh ideas and energy, and then grooms them with soft-skills, customer management along with a deep-dive of the latest automation platforms and methodologies.  The people of Qualesce make Qualesce the trusted and agile partner of choice in the marketplace to deliver enterprise-grade RPA.

The entire team at Qualesce has put together a stellar sales organization with Michael Kyle and Nagaraj that’s always putting customer’s business priorities first. The relentless desire to customer delight has transcended a typical vendor-customer relationship to a partner-centric approach.


The culture that Qualesce adheres to is challenging their own status-quo. Andy adds, “Only when you challenge the status quo, you disrupt and only when you disrupt, you innovate. Our team is laser focused on creating new bot-centric processes that are robust and self-healing”. For the road ahead, the company plans to onboard 200 people by the end of the year and 1,000 people by the end of next year while looking to establish Qualesce Europe during 1H of next year. Besides, the company envisions including packaged and cloud offerings for sustainable growth, and delving into manufacturing, finance, banking and pharmaceutical verticals. The other focus of the company is to extend its arm to the SMB (Small to Medium Business) market through its new offering that is yet to be launched, namely On-demand Enterprise Automation (ODEA). This allows customers to kickstart the automation journey with a minimum monthly investment without any long-term commitment and minimum licenses purchases.

Andy concludes, “We have new projects in the pipeline not only in Europe and US but also in India and our goal is to continue to invest in people and bring-in top talents. Also, we are working on easing the consumption of technology, and following agile methodologies to fulfil all the customers’ needs on a weekly basis. We have built a good foundation for the company in the last 7 years and now it is all about scaling up and reaching the zenith”.