Amidst global uncertainties, the landscape of small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) initial public offerings (IPOs) becomes a fascinating arena. The allure of profitability within SMEs against the backdrop of volatile geopolitics sparks both opportunity and caution. Navigating this terrain demands a nuanced approach, examining resilient sectors and adaptable business models. Companies poised for IPOs must showcase not just financial promise but also strategic agility in face of geopolitical shifts. Understanding the interplay between market dynamics and global uncertainties is key in identifying SMEs with the potential to thrive post-IPO. These considerations shape the discussion around seeking and evaluating profitable SME IPOs amid ever-changing geopolitical tides.

November 2023 kicks off with Planify, the go-to platform for investing in startups, MSMEs, PreIPOs, Unicorns, and more, revealing a lineup of exciting profitable SME IPOs to consider amid volatile geopolitics.

De Neers

Established in 1952, DeeNeers emerged from a humble Delhi-based setup, evolving into industry pioneers within the hand tools sector. In 2018, De Neers Tools LLP was born, focusing on developing the “De Neers” brand. The subsequent transition to De Neers Tools Limited in 2021 marked a significant milestone.

With a robust presence in Delhi NCR, Gujarat, Telangana, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh, the company offers an extensive array of hand tools, specializing in safety tools and an innovative product line. Some of the products include spanners, wrenches, pliers, cutters, allen keys, hammers, socketry, screw drivers, tool kits, tool cabinets, trolleys, etc. Boasting a 57.9% year-on-year sales growth, DeeNeers showcases not only profitability but also a legacy and experienced management team.

Their commitment to excellence has solidified strategic partnerships with prominent OEMs like Havells, Polycab, Orient Electric, and APL Apollo Pipes. This collaboration aims to deliver top-tier hand tools to electricians, plumbers, and mechanics, elevating operational efficiency and service quality.

DeeNeers embodies a commitment to quality, innovation, and fostering enduring partnerships, setting the benchmark for excellence in the tools industry.

TBI Corn

TBI Corn stands as a premier producer and exporter of corn-based products, dominating the market with its array of corn meal grits, corn flour, namkeen, and provisions for the brewery industry. Their cutting-edge automated facilities, capable of yielding 140 tons daily, are emblematic of their commitment to advanced manufacturing. Certified with ISO 22000 and HALAL, TBI Corn guarantees the highest quality standards in the corn milling domain.

Exhibiting an impressive growth trajectory, the company's revenues surged from INR 70 Crore to INR 138 Crore over the last three fiscal years, marking a substantial 40% compound annual growth rate. Its esteemed clientele includes FMCG giants like PEPSICO, ITC Limited, Balaji Wafers, Kurkure, and Haldiram.

A formidable presence in India’s western and southern regions, TBI Corn remains a significant player in both domestic and international markets. The projected growth indicates a promising future, expected to yield revenue of Rs 500 Crore within three years and Rs 800 Crore within five, showcasing a potential 20x valuation increase. Notably, celebrity investors Ashish Kacholia and CA Gunmanth Vaid have invested in the company, further affirming its robust business model.

Share India

Established in 1994, Share India has burgeoned into a trailblazing brand, marking 28 years of transformative evolution. Renowned for spearheading algo-trading, the company envisions revolutionizing the trading experience for the millennial generation by democratizing access to automated trading platforms in every Indian household.

Pioneering innovative trading solutions, Share India initially catered to the HNI segment but is now dedicated to empowering the new-age investor in the retail sphere. Beyond individual investors, the company invites partnerships, fostering collective growth and success in the market.

With a commitment to transparency and customer-centricity, Share India has earned the trust of India, exemplifying expertise and dedication. Their outstanding track record includes an average daily turnover of 13400+ Crores, a 52.5% compound annual growth rate over the last 4 years, and securing a notable 5%+ market share in the Options Trading segment.

As a beacon in the field of algo trading, Share India remains steadfast in its dedication to continuous growth, technological adaptation, and unwavering service excellence. The company has transitioned from SME to the Mainboard platform recently.


In the dynamic landscape of global economics, seeking stability amidst geopolitical volatility is crucial for investors eyeing SME IPOs. The success of an IPO relies not only on the inherent profitability of a company but also on its ability to navigate and thrive amidst uncertain geopolitical tides. Identifying and considering profitable SMEs with resilient strategies becomes paramount, offering a beacon of potential success amid the fluctuating geopolitical environment.

Seeking guidance from professional advisors is also crucial. Platforms like Planify aid in discovering and investing in diverse ventures, offering comprehensive services from valuation analysis to accessing exclusive deals on Startups, Pre-IPO, SME IPOs, and more. These top profitable SMEs excel in innovation, growth potential, and addressing real-world issues across industries. With solid backing from reputable investors, these ventures promise not only substantial returns but also social impact, delivering value to customers and stakeholders. Strategic investment in these SMEs stands to yield attractive returns while contributing to positive societal change in the long term.