Praveen Parameswar, who is an eminent educationalist, Lifologist, and researcher is the CEO of Lifology, a rapidly growing organisation in the field of Parent Guidance. Lifology is used by more than 120,000 parents across India and Middle East. Under his leadership, Lifology won the Guinness World record in the arena of assessment and guidance.

He has completed his education in Strategic Management from the London School of Economics, rank holder in MBA - HR from Cardiff University (UK) and a Post Graduate in International Business Law from ICFAI, Hyderabad. He is a graduate in Law from the University of Kerala. Praveen has won Sir Julian Hodge Prize from the Julian Hodge Bank in the UK for his striking performance in the field of Human Resource Management.

Lifology is the career ecosystem for parents. This platform is for a better personalise guidance to help parents prepare their teenagers for their rising future. Many parents and children are oblivious of the plethora of information available in today's world.

Pravin Prameswar (CEO)

The Lifology CEO, Praveen Parmeswar asserted that

"the most serious difficulty is that there is no trend, or no history of a parent guidance application, which is supporting the parents. When we say education or technology or guidance, it does everything oriented to students. So, it was the first time we initiated this for the parents to support their child's future.”

The significant initiative Parmeswar took ahead for a child's future

Whatever else happens around the world in terms of education or human resource development, Praveen Parmeswar believes that if we do not adequately guide parents, they may not realize the underlying knowledge that drives them to make bold decisions. Today, he has taken this initiative to support parents, believing that this is the best approach to ensure their children's future success.

According to a survey conducted by the University of Derby, 76 percent of youngsters seek advice from their parents when making significant decisions. So, when they encounter several obstacles in their lives, particularly significant challenges, parents generally turn to Google, unverified resources, or immature peers for guidance so that they might advise their children. Parents today do not have a reliable resource or a credible source to rely on to support their children.

Acquiring Edge with Proper Knowledge and Guidance

‘Lifology’ has three distinctive features that combine to make it a one-stop destination guidance tool for parents and children worldwide.

It has created a comprehensive ecosystem for parents, developing a professional path with skill development plans and making it a one-stop-shop. Secondly, the authenticity of the tools and personalities on the platform includes the evaluations and other programs. The highly renowned people they host allow parents to interact and assist them in making decisions. Furthermore, Lifology has a commemorated business development plan that will enable them to reach out to the most significant number of clients in the shortest period. So these are the three primary factors that give their outlet a competitive advantage.

This platform tends to provide five benefits to parents: a credible source of information about the school, career skill development, and emotional well-being. Secondly, it has access to a set of artificial intelligence (AI) power tools of psychometrics for evaluating the children's aptitude strengths, weaknesses, personality learning styles, and abilities. They get access to weekly masterclasses where they will have the opportunity to connect with a professional mentor and within this application; they have their personalised medium of social media where parents can communicate with various experts from worldwide. It is also comprised of specialists, coaches, counsellors, and teachers and they have more opportunities to provide one-on-one mentorship. So these are the five things that can eminently assist in obtaining assistance from all of these five resources.

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The Bright Headway

Today, there are many challenges in career education, career planning, skill development, wellness, and mental well-being. Lifology has a strong presence across many nations spreading across Middle East, Europe, Africa and India. With more than 253 plus institutional clients, they have fancy institutions and schools with 120,000 individual users.

In the next three years, Praveen Parmeswar will use his protocols to expand it into various states of India and also globally. It is striving hard to keep and modify the existence of local languages across the states. They are currently exploring significant projects within a couple of African countries as part of their expansion aspirations.

He has completed presentations in more than 1100 platforms across India and delivered sessions in more than 6 countries including the UK and the UAE, and has been a panellist for national television channels. He has been featured in Forbes India and Fortune too.

Lifology has build-up a successful platform for families in this massive worldwide, with eminent personalities, on-board from the prominent institutions of NASA, Harvard, and many other institutions. This platform is driven by a strong vision, goal, and solid belief of Praveen Parmeswar so that each person can have a meaningful future filled with fulfilment, and purpose, contentment, and financial stability.