“The most important adage and the only adage is, the customer comes first, whatever the business, the customer comes first”, goes the most famous saying about the importance of customers. To not just satiate the customers’ demands but also to run a successful business in the market, any company ought to possess a vast portfolio of advanced products along with the benefit of customization. One such distinguished player in the polymer industry of India is Mumbai-based Polestar Polymers that outclasses as the avid manufacturer, exporter, and importer of a vast compilation of premium quality plastic products in the form of Rods, Sheets Tubes & Components (in Polyacetal, PP, Nylon, HDPE, UHMWPE, PTFE, PEEK and more).

Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Polestar ensures that its consignments are delivered within the stipulated time period to clients apart from being certified with premium quality. The company’s product range encompasses Polyacetal Sheets, POM Rod, PPHP Sheets, Polypropylene Rods, PTFE Rods, PEEK Sheets, Cast Nylon Sheets, Extruded Nylon Rods, HDPE Sheets, UHMWPE Rods, PVC Sheets, PET Rod, ABS Sheet, HMHDPE Rods, (machined components in all the polymers as well) and many more products that are immensely popular for their robustness, durability, supreme finishing, high impact strength, excellent resistance to wear & abrasion, ease of installation, and minimal maintenance.

By the People, For the People!

Ravi Sachdev, Founder & CEO

With such a vast compilation of polymers that are manufactured and stocked, Polestar ensures that all the demands of the customers are fulfilled from time to time. Ravi Sachdev, Founder & CEO, Polestar Polymers, adds, “Right from semi-finished products to final machined products as per the drawing, we make sure to deliver everything as per customers’ requirements, thereby being the one-stop shop for our buyers”. In fact, Polestar Polymers is not just a manufacturing company but a solution provider that has set itself at the highest standards in all that it does.

At the backend of these products, Polestar Polymers assures to select each material as per the application throughout the design process until components are machined, hence providing end-to-end services. All the products of Polestar are manufactured using world-class raw materials with state-of-the-art processing lines, adding to which enhanced technology, machines and tools are procured on a high frequency to offer more services with better lead time for its customers. Moreover, the company has always strived to cater to the exact demands of customers and on time, which indeed has helped them in marking their presence in the field with enhanced efficiency.

Ravi articulates, “We are proud of various factors like our infrastructure (right from manufacturing, to stocking of semifinished raw materials to CNCs making the final components), experienced team of professionals, wide distribution network, quick delivery, safe packaging, and budget friendly costs. In short, our USP is by the people, for the people”. In addition, industries that rely on Polestar are aware of its attention to detail method and quality control systems which assure that vital checks are carried out throughout the production process until final inspection.

The Backbones

Behind the excellence of each product at Polestar Polymers lie an experienced team of engineers, technicians, administrative staff members, warehouse & packaging members, quality controllers and sales & marketing professionals who collectively work with a sole motive of providing engineering components of the optimum quality to their clients, thereby ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. Ravi asserts, “From the outset, our engineers are well-versed to share their vast knowledge of polymers and advise on performance matters relevant to customer’s specific application or industry”.

All the above-mentioned professionals are recruited based on educational qualification, technical knowledge and years of industry experience. In addition, to enhance the skills and knowledge of the team members, numerous training sessions, visits to exhibitions and other activities are conducted on a timely basis. Having visited most of the important plastic and related exhibitions within India and globally, the team at Polestar makes sure to keep themselves updated with the latest technologies in manufacturing and products as it is always about learning and bettering oneself. Hence, the company implements the same in its factory to ensure that international standards of services are stringently met. In fact, the success story of Polestar would be incomplete without its team’s efforts and unparalleled dedication!

A Journey towards Excellence

Since its establishment in 2006, the company has been moulding the best of experiences and knowledge passed down from family business and sister concern companies into products par excellence for its customers. Over the years, the company has learnt how to better what was learnt, expand in the right segments, and innovate on what needs to be brought to the table in order to keep up with the customers’ demands. Polestar has expanded its market base not only in India but globally, currently exporting to more than 12 countries and is proud to have valuable experiences in machining zero defect plastic parts for a multitude of industries. Furthermore, during these years of services, the company takes pride in gaining a vast number of prestigious customers who hold huge trust in its capabilities of fulfilling their requirements.

With a brand name that resonates with a polestar (one that shines and stands-out amongst others), Polestar Polymers envisions adhering to its business ethos that revolve around its products, services, people and customer relationships, even in the coming years. This way, the company ensures to sail ahead of its peers in the industry towards a path of constant growth by raising the bar higher each time. Ravi concludes, “Due to our constant efforts and strong determination to do better, we have achieved and are still achieving newer heights in the business circles with the right quality of customers, who place immense trust in our capabilities and push our limits. Our main belief is to always run our business with ethics!”