The main motto of modern agriculture is to feed the growing world’s population, using depleting resources of land, water and minerals. Adhering strictly to this motto is Hyderabad-based Plasil Natural Fertilizers, which manufactures pure natural fertilizers using naturally available and volcanic materials. The company specializes in manufacturing and supply of high-quality Natural Nutrients like Silicon, Titanium, and Magnesium developed to improve soil nutrition and enhance the long-term sustainability of soils in the natural ecosystem.

Srikanth Reddy, Co-Founder and CEO

Plasil Natural Fertilizers are widely useful in all the crops and given their natural form have no side effects on any crops and is especially high in grass family crops like rice, sugarcane, maize, wheat, and others. One of their best products is Plasil Silicon. Plasil’s Silicon provides varied benefits – helps in very strong root development and increased Root Nodules; increases leaf width, length and chlorophyll content; more nodes and internodes development leading to more branches and subbranches; develops healthier and stronger stems; better yield and increased crop size; and lays a strong foundation with better roots and leaves which enables plant to sustain Biotic and Abiotic Stress.

Deep-rooted Relation with Farmers

Srikanth Reddy, Co-Founder & CEO, Plasil Natural Fertilizers, adds, “Our commitment to a greener world makes us unique. Working alongside our clients in an economically viable way, we overcome nutritional & plant health issues. At Plasil Natural Fertilizers, we think like farmers”. Being acquainted with the farmers’ work and aware of the challenges that they face, Plasil Natural Fertilizers ensures to provide products and services suited to specific working environments. The team maintains continuous contact with growers, hearing from them about their needs, in order to share acquired knowledge and provide them solutions that consider their preferences. With farmer satisfaction and wealth creation as the topmost agenda, the company has been able to help more than 25,000 farmers achieve better yields with lower investments and an extremely higher farmer satisfaction rate (Google Review of 4.7/5).

Top-Notch Products

Currently, Plasil Natural Fertilizers offers three products to its clients namely Seed Boost, Plasil Silicon, and Mactis 5 in 1. Seed Boost is a 100% natural Titanium-based Seed Nutrient which helps in increased and healthy seed germination, increased seed vigour, speeding up the growth process, reducing pest attack during entire crop cycle, and better leaf and node formation from very early stage. Plasil Silicon is a 100% natural volcanic material-based plant nutrient which helps in healthy root development with more root nodules, development of thicker and bigger leaves, formation of strong stems with better node, reduction in pest attacks in roots, leaves and stem, and increased quantity and quality of yields.

On the other hand, Mactis 5 in 1 is a Titanium-based Plant Nutrient which contains Titanium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur and Seaweed.  It helps in increasing plant enzymial activity, speeding up plant growth and vigour, improving chlorophyll content, and increasing oil content and weight of yield, while Ti acts as a good bio stimulant. All these products are offered to clients on a better cost-efficient model by dealing in volumes and lower intermediary participation.

Regarding the current status of the natural fertilizer industry, Srikanth articulates,” While government’s push towards natural and organic farming is appreciable and only way forward, still lot of work needs to be streamlined on regulations part. As of now there are no separate rules for natural fertilizers unlike chemical, organic or bio products. There should be a separate category for natural fertilizers and rules should be drafted accordingly”.

Srikanth holds diverse experiences ranging from Sales of Software solution to running mining companies and using the know-how of natural mineral and soils and incorporates the best of them from all over the world to help improve soil fertility. Sharmistra Reddy, Co-Founder & CMO, is a financial and marketing professional with previous stints in Deloitte and UBS. She is an extremely well-organized leader who looks after the marketing initiatives of the organization.

The Road Ahead

To maintain the quality standards of its fertilizers, Plasil Natural Fertilizers seamlessly innovates in various areas of crop development. The company will soon come up with newer products in niche areas like seed enrichment (seed boost) while staying committed to provide breakthrough developments to allow maximum efficiency of crop production, thereby providing more food with optimal conditions. Srikanth adds, “Our goal is to have natural fertilizer products catering to the entire agri-chain starting from seed to post harvest yield management. With a goal to have a positive impact on quantity and quality of yields in more than 1 lakh customers by 2024, we are continuously striving to better ourselves in adding health to the soil”.

I have used Plasil Silicon on my 2 acres of sugarcane crop, and it has helped my crop withstand high temperatures with less water. Parallelly, I have cultivated another 2 acres without silicon and due to high temperatures this year, the crop could not withstand. I highly recommend my fellow farmers to use their products. I have also tried Seed Boost on my chilly crop this year and as of now the results are good.

Sanjay Kheny, Ex-Chairman
Bidar Sahakara Sakkare Kharkhane Ltd (BSSK Ltd)

I have used Plasil Natural Fertilizers’ products on Wheat, Cotton, Chilly, Groundnut, Mung, Urad, and much more crops in Kharif and Rabi crops spread across my 40 acres of land. I have seen good results with the usage of Plasil Silicon in terms of root development, stem strength, and overall yield. The product is natural and have seen the crop yield going up by 25 to 30% than previous years. I have used Seed Boost on my current crops and the results are high in terms of germination and development. Recently I have been recommended to use Mactis 5 in 1 and I am very much confident that even this will give me good results.

Rajendra Hulkoti - Hubballi

I am an Organic Farmer using Plasil Silicon for the past 3 years on Cotton and Chilly crops and I have seen a reduction in my expenses by 60% on crops when compared to my neighbour’s crops. The crop quality and yield are good, and I am continuing it for this year as well. I have used Seed Boost recently and as of now the crop development compared to others is better and the germination rate is high. I am confident of getting good results and I recommend other farmers to use their products.

Jayasimha Reddy - Kurnool