India's passion for whisky has resulted in strong sales of several of its well-known brands. The most popular whisky brand and third-best-selling alcoholic beverage overall is McDowell's Whisky, according to Drinks International's The Millionaires' Club 2023 study. The most popular alcoholic beverage is Jinro soju, which sold 100.9 million cases in 2022, an increase of 6.8% from the year before. Ginebra San Miguel gin, which sold 37.9 million cases in 2022, took second place.

McDowell's Whisky, an Indian whisky, came in third with sales of 30.8 million cases in 2022, an increase of 2.3%. With sales of 27.1 million cases and 24 million cases, Royal Stag and Imperial Blue Indian whiskies came in at number six and seven, respectively. With sales of 9.5 million cases in 2022, Blenders Pride, another Indian whisky, is ranked 17th on the list. Royal Challenge sold 7.2 million cases, a substantial increase of 53.2%, and 8PM sold 9.1 million cases of Indian whisky.

According to the survey, India stands out among the list's countries. It was stated that given that India is currently the most populous country in the world, it is not unexpected that it is also one of the markets for alcohol sales that is expanding the quickest.

India additionally topped France to become this year's biggest market for Scotch whisky. According to the research, businesses like Mansion House by Tilaknagar Industries and Royal Challenge by Diageo/United Spirits saw increases of more than 50% on already significant volumes.

Indian whiskies are the most prevalent whiskies on the list. Indian whiskies McDowell's, Royal Stag, and Imperial Blue are the top three contenders. With sales of 22.7 million and 14.6 million cases, respectively, American whisky Jack Daniel's and Scotch whisky Johnnie Walker are in fourth and fifth place. The top 10 whisky brands in 2022 include Irish whisky Jameson, Blenders Pride, Scotch whisky Ballentine's, 8PM, and Canadian whisky Royal Crown. Five of the top ten whiskies are from India.

Only four Indian whiskies, including McDowell's (2.3%), Imperial Blue (-0.4%), 8PM (-5.2%), and Director's Special (3.4%), did not experience double-digit increase in 2022, according to the research.

“The domestic market for Indian whiskey is vast – 1.5 billion litres, according to an oft-cited report by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The astronomical volumes were made even more astounding when a 2022 YouGov survey of urban Indians of legal drinking age found that more than half never even tried it,” the report added. Some of the most popular brands of vodka are Smirnoff from Diageo, Absolut from Pernod Ricard, Magic Moments from Radico Khaitan, and Grey Goose from Bacardi. Absolute saw sales of 13 million cases, Magic Moments 4.8 million, and Smirnoff 28.1 million cases in 2022.

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