If you are one of the millions who struggle with lactose intolerance, or perhaps you're just looking for a healthier, option for your delicious morning coffee. You are in for a treat with Nutridew Milk. With Nutridew Milk lactose intolerance is no more a thing because the brand is a powerhouse of A2 milk proteins, which can be easier on the digestive system for those who are lactose intolerant. But Nutridew Milk isn't just better for your body - it's also delicious. It is extremely rich in vitamin D & Omega 3, and contains cerebrosides that enhance brain power and strontium, enhancing body immunity & prevents Chronic Ailments.

(L-R) Sudip Mishra - Director, Manju Mishra, K K Mishra - Managing Director.

The Inception

Kamdhenu Dairy Farm, a family-owned business, brings you Nutridew Milk, a premium A2 milk brand that is both delicious and nutritious. Located in Village Jagulgachi, West Bengal, Kamdhenu Dairy Farm breeds only pure desi breeds of cows like Shahiwal and Gir. They grow their own organic fodder and allow free grazing to their cows inside the farm. The farm strictly follows Ayurvedic principles in maintaining cow health and does not use any kind of hormones or antibiotics. The milking is done using modern technology of duo vac system which is based upon the technique of milking by hand. The raw milk is supplied in the city of Kolkata at customers' doorsteps on a subscription module.

The inspiration behind Nutridew Milk was the lactose intolerance of the founder's mother. She was unable to take any milk from the market in Kolkata but was able to consume pure desi cow's milk. This was the driving force behind the farm's mission to provide pure desi cow's milk to everyone. The farm is managed following ancient methods combined with modern technology to provide the best quality milk to its customers.

The Silver Lining

Nutridew Milk comes from cows that only produce the A2 protein and no A1. The cows are tested for A2 from A2 Research Corporation of India. Apart from milk, they also make ghee using ancient bilona method where butter is first churned out of curd and then ghee is prepared. This ghee is much more beneficial for health compared to ghee prepared from just cream separated from milk. They also supply Paneer to their customers. The taste of all their products is delicious and once customers try it, there is always a demand from them. In addition to Milk and Ghee, they also make fresh paneer as per order from customers.

Bigger Goals

The vision of Nutridew Milk is to restore the original breeds of cows and educate people to get involved in agriculture and its allied activities. This is important because most of the dairy companies collect milk from the farmers and pay them less, so there is no guarantee of the type of milk or purity. Moreover, as a country, we need to realize the importance of preserving original breeds of cows and the impact on health.

Technology plays a significant role in the manufacturing of Nutridew Milk products. The farm uses modern technology like duo vac system for milking, which ensures hygiene and timely milking. The technology also helps in monitoring the cow's health, calf care, and processing.

Nutridew Milk is the purest and healthiest choice for your family. The pure desi cow's milk is good for all ages and is similar to mother's milk. Good nutrition plays a vital role in enhancing our immunity, and milk is one of the prime nutritional ingredients of our daily diet. Hence, it is important that the milk and milk products we feed our loved ones are unadulterated, pure, and organic. Nutridew Milk provides abundance of nutrition similar to mother's milk, and it is even good for lactose intolerant people and kids in many ways.

The company plans to grow its herd size to 150 cows by the end of 2023 as the demand for Nutridew Milk is growing fast. “Our farm is home to only pure desi breeds of cows, making us the first of our kind in the region. We understand the importance of weather conditions and a dedicated workforce, which is why we've taken a slow and steady approach to growing our herd. Since starting with just 6 cows at the end of 2021, we have steadily increased our numbers to 100 cows and counting. As the demand for our Nutridew Milk continues to soar, we plan to expand our herd to 150 cows by the end of 2023. Our customers have already begun to notice the difference in the purity of our products, and we remain firm in our commitment to only use desi cows. With a goal of crossing a daily minimum of 500 liters of milk sales by the end of 2023, we're excited to continue growing and providing our customers with the highest quality dairy products,” they team (K K Mishra & Sudip Mishra (Directors)) remarks.

Kamdhenu Dairy Farm believes that technology plays a big role in the manufacturing of their products. Farm cleanliness, cow health monitoring, calf care, milking, processing all are now done easily due to technology. They have a strong technical team at the farm and logistics teams to ensure quality and timely delivery.

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