We are adhering towards a highly advanced world full of technologies and advancements. At every bit of our life, we come across the new techs existing that have a long way to go. Such advancements have made the livelihood more smart and new aged.

NOI technology is succeeding towards making their comprehensive ER solutions and features even more accessible and satisfying for a wide range of businesses and organizations.

The Team and the Clientele-
A team of experts has been working to realize a vision of creating world-class enterprise mobility solutions and software applications. NOI's solutions are designed to address the fundamental issues that people face throughout their careers.

NOI Technologies' Founder and CEO, Visvendra Singh Rajpoot, believes that "In our ER frameworks and consultancies, we have mastered our expertise. The dedicated team has been our core strength in improving the solutions, which makes us believe we have acquired an edge above our peers in the industry. "

The expert teams have a combined experience of more than 6 years, establishing them as capable of converting complex problems into scalable solutions.
NOI Technologies has over fifty happy clients worldwide who are pleased with the deliverables and expect to expand into more technical services. To make project usage worthwhile, the team focuses on meeting the client's requirements with enhanced services, leading technologies, and frameworks.

Aspects, Acquaintance, and Achievement-
Being one of the best enterprise mobility solution providers, NOI understands that the world requires reliable solutions in all possible forms. The solutions are designed and developed to meet the clients' real-life needs and requirements. The team aligns the solutions with upgraded and relevant technology sources and delivers them using the enhanced agile methodology. The work process encourages flexibility while maintaining a high level of discipline at various execution levels across the organization.

NOI Technologies adheres to industry standards to provide stable and reliable solutions that meet global standards. The agile, competitive service model accelerates growth while continuously offering for the clients' well-being.

Mission, Vision, and Vibe-
NOI Technologies assists businesses and organizations in prospering. The mission is “to provide solutions that are in line with the demands and necessities of the customers continuously.
NOI Technologies supports open-source technology in order to achieve growth and innovation while providing solutions. With its expert consultancies and expanding services, the company hopes to contribute to business innovation and technology.

NOI Technologies' vision is to achieve customer satisfaction through its industry-wide expertise, and the company has served across multiple industries and domains, achieving measurable results for their clients through innovative solutions.
It is a technology firm known for its innovative solutions and advanced use of technology. It has been acting as an experimental workforce, putting forth its best effort to find the best possible solutions to every problem.

The Founder and CEO-Visvendra Singh Rajpoot

He is a technology enthusiast with extensive experience developing/customizing ERP, e-commerce, SCM, and Omni Channel Retail solutions on top with the most popular open-source ERP frameworks (e.g. Moqui framework, Apache OFBiz, Odoo, Magento, etc.).
He believes in Open Source and is an active contributor (along with his company) to a variety of Open Source solutions such as Moqui.org, Apache OFBiz, VSF, and others.

NOI Technologies has served clients ranging from $1M to $1B for e-commerce (fashion, healthcare, groceries, and electronics), Supply Chain & Distribution, Manufacturing & Production, Finance, and other industries under his leadership.

Chandni Rathore, Co-founder, and Managing Director is involved in strategy and framework planning for the future, as well as ensuring end-to-end delivery.
Our CTO, Nirendra Singh Panwar, is a technological expert who oversees the IT department.

Ravindra Singh Rathore, the company's Sales, and Marketing Head is in charge of all sales and marketing activities.

The COO, Shahbaz Khan, has command of all the other company's operational divisions.

Since the entire team sums up as one of the finest providers of enterprise mobility solutions and software applications. It’s the expertise and dedication of the entire team under a great leader of course the CEO Visvendra Singh Rajpoot who aims to reach the acme.

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