Sruti Mitra, CEO & Co-Founder

Much more than an essential oil based beauty product company, Nhea Pure Care is a women-centric wellness brand that focuses on holistic healing through aromatherapy. The company’s range of products includes face care, body care, hair care, emotional care, physical well-being, and pain management, as well as single essential oils. The therapeutic-grade GC - MS tested essential oils used in Nhea's proprietary blends are sourced from top export-quality suppliers, ensuring that customers receive the highest quality products.

The company's journey started with just two SKUs and has now expanded to offer 32 different SKUs. The USFDA & WHO-GMP certified company started off as a direct-to-consumer brand, and it has now expanded to sell on all major online portals such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Purplle , Netmeds, and Pharmeasy, among others. Additionally, it has  also begun  business-to-business operation in India and  international soils of Netherlands and UAE which has been running successfully.

A Purposeful Genesis 

“After completing my MSc in biochemistry and MBA from Calcutta, I pursued a career in corporate marketing  within the healthcare industry. However,after that I pursued a decade long  academic career as an Assistant professor of Entrepreneurship at Symbiosis Management College , Pune . While working on social entrepreneurship projects with my students, I met my co-founder who has been leading an NGO. We created an unprecedented menstrual awareness campaign that earned us a Guinness Book of World Records.

It was during this project that my co-founder suggested creating a menstrual cramps pain relief roll-on as a solution for underprivileged women. We created the product using six essential oils and it was a huge success. From there, our journey began. Our passion for social entrepreneurship and our drive to make a difference in the world have fueled our success and continued growth,” shares the Co-founder & CEO, Sruti Mitra.

The Progressive Journey

The Pune - based company's journey started with a strong motive of making essential oils based personal care products more accessible to everyone. In 2020, the company embarked on research and development to create its first product, a menstrual cramp pain relief roll-on, which served as a stepping stone for the brand. Since then, Nhea has expanded its range to offer 32 SKUs  which is no easy feat in a market where essential oils come with premium price tags and have limited awareness among consumers. Despite these challenges, Nhea remains committed to its values. To this end, the company recently underwent a rebranding exercise that included new high quality product innovation and overhaul of its product packaging ,social media presence and  website.

The company's immediate goal is to establish a strong, affordably luxury Aromatherapy brand in India. Nhea plans to expand its reach by establishing a foothold in the offline market, beginning with Pune and then expanding to Pan-India. The company has also received interest from international markets and is exploring opportunities to expand its presence globally.


At Nhea, customer co-creation is a top priority. Their philosophy revolves around understanding what their customers want before rushing to launch any product. The company is not money-driven; instead, they focus on promoting wellness and the benefits of essential oils. To develop their products, they regularly seek inputs from their extensive social network and regular Nhea users. The feedback and suggestions from their customers spur the Research & Development of their products, which aim to deliver even more benefits than what is currently available in the market. The team at Nhea consists of experts with over 50 years of combined experience in aromatherapy, including Ayurvedic doctors and researchers, who work collaboratively on product development.

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Social Conscience

The women-led company  is committed to promoting wellness products that are beneficial to society and believes in promoting the disvipline of Alternative care or complementary medicine. It also provides job opportunities and second careers for underprivileged women. Through CSR activities and partnerships with Rotary Club and other reputed NGOs, the company distributes immuno-boosters , Pain Relievers &  mosquito repellents to the underprivileged sections.

Nhea is proud to be the only company in India dedicated solely to the niche masstige segment of purely essential oil blend products. Their products do not use any fillers or artificial fragrances, and they believe that their combinations of multiple essential oils in their proprietary blends sets them apart. Their approach to product development involves identifying a specific benefit of an oil and then selecting a combination of four and more essential oils that can complement the functions, making their products extremely effective. In conclusion, Nhea Pure Care’s focus on unique products ,customer-centricity and  social responsibility, have allowed it to establish itself in the hearts of its customers.