The establishment of NCL Industries Limited can be traced back to the golden age of entrepreneurship development in Andhra Pradesh (Folk) in the early 1980s. During this time, many individual entrepreneurs emerged and the young company developed into an established industrial group.

Nagarjuna Cement Limited (former name) established a mini cement plant in Mattapalli in the Nalgonda district (now Suryapet) to expand the supply of rare types of cement with a relatively small investment. This turned out to be a complete success. Manufactured under the brand name 'Nagarjuna', the cement created a premium image in the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh. The company gradually expanded the capacity of its cement plant. Starting with a modest capacity of 200 TPD, the company has grown to 8000 TPD at two sites. The cement division's Product range includes Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), and special cement for the manufacture of railroad sleepers.

The NCL Ready-Mixed Concrete Department supplies ready-mixed concrete of reliable quality and uses "Nagarjuna" cement to ensure reliable quality. Currently, there are five RMC units, three in Telangana and two in Andhra Pradesh, serving markets near Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam. 

An Unparalleled Journey

K Ravi, Managing Director

NCL Industries Limited, the flagship company of the NCL Group, has been supplying the construction industry with high-quality cement, commonly known as Nagarjuna Cement, for over 3 decades. Nagarjuna is a premium cement brand with Footfall in all the South Indian States.

Currently, NCL Industries has approximately 62,000 shareholders, 2,000 dealers, and 1,000 employees. The company manufactures not only cement, ready-mixed concrete, and cement-bonded chipboard, but also doors and windows in cooperation with Turkish technology. It focuses on different segments of building materials. Ravi said: "We are investing heavily in capacity upgrades and modernization. We plan to increase 1 MTPA in the Sultanpur Thanda limestone mine in Padavedu village of Mattampally Mandal in the Suryapet district at the cost of 400 crores."

The Key Initiators

K. Rama Chandra Raju was the first promoter of the company. He is considered a pioneer in the Indian mini-cement industry. And yes, he was a corporate executive before turning into an entrepreneur. He began his entrepreneurial mission when he founded Deccan Nitrates Ltd to extract sodium nitrate and ammonium nitrate from the nuclear waste generated from the Hyderabad nuclear fuel complex. Deccan Nitrates was a new experiment that proved that pollution control measures could be turned into viable commercial ventures. This concept was later imitated by many others.

K. Ravi the company’s Managing Director is a Diploma holder in Electrical Engineering. His specialization in power plant networks and systems is a great asset to the company. He has over 40 years of experience in cement, chemical, and hydropower plant management. Roopa Bhupathiraju the Executive Director holds an M.B.A degree. Her Marketing and Entrepreneurship skills make her a core member of the company. K.V.R.R. Gopal Varma is the President of the Board of Directors. He has been with the company since 1996 and was promoted to their current position in 2018. He is responsible for overseeing the cement department of the company.

The Path to Follow

India's NCL industries have announced plans to expand and modernize 3 billion rupees (the US $ 40.4 million) to increase total cement production capacity to 3.6 Mta by 2022. The project involves building a 0.66 Mta crushing plant near Anakapalle, Andhra Pradesh at an investment of Rs 2 billion and modernizing the plant in Mattapalli, Telangana at a cost of Rs 1 billion.

Roopa Bhupathiraju-Executive Director mentioned that this project increases the production capacity by 2000 TPD. The total capacity increases from the existing 2.7 Mta to 3.6 Mta over the next two years.