Due to rise in the number of internet users and other factors, India has been experiencing a tremendous growth in the data analytics industry in the past decade. Yet, the world of data & analytics is highly skewed! On one side, people are being forced to digest rapid advancements in AI and the “hype cycles”. On the other hand, several organizations across the planet struggle to consume basic data due to lack of awareness, cultural resistance, or broken data practices. Bridging this gap is Naviz Analytics Inc, which has been sailing ahead with the core vision of simplifying the data & analytics for businesses of all volumes since its inception. To achieve this vision, the company ardently partners with organizations, thereby fixing the fundamental drivers of data & analytics transformation – Data Culture, Data Strategy, and Data Literacy. In a nutshell, Naviz takes pride in being the go-to Data & Analytics partner for multiple startups.

Saurabh Gupta, CEO

The offerings at Naviz Analytics entail not just technical stakeholders but also non-tech savvy users, who feel empowered to explore data at their disposal. At Naviz, the main focus is on value-driven analytical solutions and bespoke engagement models that suit its customers’ business objectives. In turn, the customers appreciate their 360-degree approach in providing full stack data & analytics services. For instance, Mark Greenspan, President, Advanced Viticulture, articulates, “I’m really excited on behalf of Advanced Viticulture to work with companies established with forward thinking as Naviz is. They have done a great job in developing our portal and hence, we look forward to building additional relations with them in developing more opportunities for our company and for their company as well”.

Regarding quality of services, Naviz Analytics strongly believes that the success of data & analytics programs is measured by the impact and not by the complexity. Hence, the company recently helped a retail entrepreneur to communicate the impact of using sustainable products with data. Its farm management solution analyses data from more than 30 vineyards and 160+ sensors to enable farm managers take data-driven decisions and optimize efforts by 55%. Saurabh asserts, “Through Steward, we bring together the voice of global leaders in the areas of data culture, data literacy, and data leadership. So far, we have amassed a readership of 10,000+ readers”.

About the Mastermind

Naviz Analytics is the brainchild of Saurabh Gupta, CEO & Partner, who holds more than 15 years of experience. Saurabh has served various leadership positions at Michelin Tires, GE, Oracle, and ABB. An alumnus of Harvard Business School and BITS Pilani (India), Saurabh evangelizes the role of innovation and leadership in stemming the data-driven culture. He is passionate about data-driven business transformation, AI interventions in the business, and inspires by presenting technology in simple, yet powerful ways. Saurabh is also the published author of three technical books on database development and analytics, of which two have been bestsellers. In the year 2018, IT Next awarded Saurabh with the NEXT100 CIO award.

Having worked at various data & analytics leadership positions, built strategies with CXOs, and driven AI innovation programs at scale; Saurabh believes that the biggest impediment in AI initiatives are the adoption and mindset. Data & BI products and AI systems are intelligent mechanisms to reflect what happened and what might happen in the future. It is not rare to find that culture discards them with glory and goes back to gut-based decision making. As per the latest New Vantage Partner report, roughly 25% organizations have been able to forge data culture. Over 90% of the remaining organizations accept data culture as a challenge.

Hence the challenge is not the technology but the mindset and culture. Transformations are not easy – it is a journey. Naviz is on a mission to build data-driven culture from grounds up. Saurabh adds, “We partner with small & medium businesses to assess their cultural maturity on data, help them curate data literacy program, and facilitate cultural transformation. We nurture inculcating habits, growing data-driven decision making, and judiciously democratizing data for scaled-up experimentation”.

An Ace Leadership Team

Naviz’s core leadership brings in a rich entrepreneurial mindset and industry experience. Jagan Chitiprolu is a serial entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience in building and scaling businesses. He founded Naviz in 2018 with a vision to build industry products to solve business problems with data & analytics. Kevin Gorman, the CEO of ThingBlu, advises the farm management practice at Naviz. With more than three decades of experience, his expertise in ideating and executing data-driven farm management solutions helps us attain an edge over others. Srikanth Matcha, the GTM strategy advisor at Naviz, brings in the rich corporate experience to work on various strategies to define our target personas and reach potential customers with the offerings that assure business benefits.

For the road ahead, Naviz Analytics continues to refine its expertise in simplifying and building data culture from grounds-up and plans to launch focused offerings for businesses of various sizes including startups, small & medium businesses, and large enterprises. On the product fronts, the company is working on adding text analytics and NLP features to Zanus. With the growth of social media and micro blogging platforms, the raw text analysis helps in analysing sentiments, cluster the topics, and understand the customer’s better than before. Furthermore, the company is seamlessly strengthening its channel partners network to open new business avenues in emerging markets like MENA and APAC. Saurabh concludes, “Our purpose to simplify data & analytics is our core strength. We will continue to foster a culture of learning and innovation to build best of the breed products for our customers”.