Anail Mitra, CEO

Natural Sourcing Company India is an expert in providing a wide range of worldwide natural sourcing and procurement services. As a seasoned sourcing firm, they offer sourcing solutions for companies of all sizes, making the sourcing process more effective, productive, and more simple while assuring long-term value for the clients. They are still dedicated to helping their clients find authentic goods and services at reasonable prices.

Legacy and Specialization

Since 2008, Natural Sourcing Company India has worked in a variety of natural product industries, providing a wide range of natural and conventional goods and services for applications in health and wellness, agriculture, food and beverage production, personal care, animal nutrition, and environmental sustainability. All ingredients and goods are chosen only from reputable producers and processors. Their area of expertise also includes helping companies launch their products in India.

Their goal has always been to find and obtain reliable suppliers and products to satisfy the precise requirements at reasonable prices. They develop unique and value-added sourcing solutions to meet their customers' business needs. Their dedication, integrity, and mutual trust have made it possible for them to forge enduring relationships with both their customers and suppliers.

The company's experience, adaptability, and expertise in this field, along with a sizable supplier / buyer database and solid exhibition organising experience, have all contributed to the development of a vast network of vendors, distributors, and buying companies. Their continuous interaction with concerned regulatory bodies ensures that they strictly adhere to set norms and their transparency has helped to create confidence among both  suppliers and customers so that they can depend on their services at all times. All tasks, whether short-term or ongoing, are handled responsibly and professionally by them.

Adding Value to the Business

They specialise in finding premium herbal extracts, phytochemicals, essential oils, oléoresins, raw herbs, nutraceuticals, and dietary supplements that meet the needs of their clients. These materials may be used in Ayurvedic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutritional, food, or industrial processes as their final products. To uphold standards and quality at all levels, every effort is made.

Their agricultural commodities company focuses on locating different agricultural items in India and abroad. They have been successful in providing many of their customers with high-quality agro-based products by taking use of India's extensive geographic diversity and variety of locations. Their passion is encouraging clients to lead healthy lifestyles through the purchase of a variety of natural products, which motivates them to collaborate with diverse agricultural sectors engaged in organic farming.

They provide premium quality food ingredients, including fruits and vegetable pulp, puree, concentrates, and IQF forms, as well as flavours and colours, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, jaggery, and dairy products. They place equal emphasis on client needs and happiness as they do on ongoing innovation, cutting-edge technology, international standards, and market preferences. Many clients pick them to develop and deliver safe and healthy food products because they ensure that every product in their wide range meets the necessary quality standards.

They assist their clients in locating the best solutions for all of their personal care needs, starting with the sourcing of high-quality ingredients, organic oils, CO2 extracts, butters, and other useful substances. Additionally, they assist in formulating products for the Skin Care, Hair Care, Anti-Aging, and Colour Cosmetic lines.

When selecting any ingredient or product, quality and standards come first. They are also experts in finding finished goods that meet the client's requirements. They have long worked on an important topic called organic skin care.

With a long line of services and an aim to provide clients the best, Natural Sourcing Company has come a long way through the years. They have worked on the company’s development needs to meet its customer demands without any hassle. If the company keeps developing its services and bring in innovations like they have been doing, then they would continue to maintain their position as a successful firm as they are today.

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