Sanjeev Prasad, Partner

Gone are the old days when a one-size-fits-all type of service worked well in logistics. In today’s era, the solutions must be tailored to each customer. Full transparency of orders, timely delivery, visibility from pick-up to delivery and diverse carrier options have become the appetite of almost all customers. But offering these services is a challenging task for logistic providers as the supply chain process involves too many variables and different parties. Born to decipher this status quo, MSM Logistics has been fulfilling all of the aforesaid craves of the customers through its multi-freight and comprehensive solutions.

The whole idea behind MSM Logistics has been to redesign the movement of commercial goods for next-generation shippers and carriers, by bringing ease and efficiency to the broken supply chain industry. “The logistics industry in India was (and still is) unorganized and hampered. Back in 2013, when we started the company, the industry lacked professionalism, transparency and proper communication. Despite having tracking facilities, it was tedious to obtain information by sending emails and awaiting reverts. Our goal was to improve the industry and we took the first step towards it by sharing a full report to customers every day. With this, they were able to access the delays, accidents, damages, on time deliveries or even legal issues.”

Connecting with Customers

MSM Logistics is focused on creating value for its customers with comprehensive value-added logistics services and supply chain services. The company was founded by three mavens with a mission of delivering excellent logistics to customers and ensuring their satisfaction. With customer satisfaction given priority, MSM logistics has emerged as a game-changer in the logistics industry. “We take pride in consistent and accurate service delivery. We are a company that ensures follow-up communications with our customers and maintains strong relationships,” the partners mentioned.

With its strong bonds with the clients, MSM logistics has experienced exponential growth. “We have been able to achieve achievements which are considered as ‘benchmarks’ as Customer Satisfaction is our priority,” the company claims.

MSM Logistics is the epitome of Quality and Performance. The company develops fully researched process improvements through innovative opportunities. Moreover, it ensures highly efficient potentialities even amidst pandemic thump rather than low-risk high-yield processes.

Manoranjan Gami, Partner

Integrated & end-to-end solutions 

MSM Logistics is a service provider of the multi-modal type and offers a delivery schedule which is fastest through Train, Air and Surface Express, where-in all last-mile delivery is executed through multiple modes of transport, enabling customers to move their consignment faster and cheaper.

The company’s multiple freight way solutions make it powerful and flexible at every stage and allow us to accomplish each customer's dynamic business needs on time. The team leverages their experience in the industry and maps new approaches to transport faster & and more affordable using different transport ways. “We have the infrastructure, ability and know-how to ensure the transport of goods efficiently and on time. Our daily operations incorporate only the best business practices. MSM Logistics ensures the use of cutting-edge technology along with spirited professionalism to ensure the shipping of our promises along with your parcels and a lot more. We can move all types of goods from one place to another, be it industrial or commercial and even households. Also, our services are not only for heavy-weight consignments and cargo but also for the most fragile of possessions,” they added.

Under MSM Logistics’ portfolio, the company has Air Services, Distribution Services, Courier/ Parcel Services, Express Services, Warehousing and 3PL services, Packaging services, reverse logistics and even Consulting Services. To build trust and maintain a good relationship, the brand conducts the business fairly, with honesty and transparency.

The Growth 

For the first two years after its establishment, MSM Logistics was located in Mumbai & Pune only but delivering and storing on PAN INDIA level. Over the years the company expanded its operation across India and with footprints in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka, Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Assam and several tier 1 and tier 2 cities (covering 1000+ pin codes) in the country. The company’s major depots and transit hubs ensure the timely and secure movement of goods. Today, every nook and corner of the country feels the brand’s presence due to the strong and efficient team who makes all the efforts to offer customized solutions to a wide range of customers. “Our network of operation is vast and well-established, and the resources are thoroughly professional to ensure that the logistics needs of our customers are met to the tee.” the partners highlighted.

To build trust and maintain a good relationship we conduct our business fairly, with honesty and transparency.