Name any realm, from pharma and nutrition to personal care, textiles, furniture manufacturing, packaging and more; hemp emerges as a reinvigorating powerhouse, ready to revolutionize every industry. Brimming with essential Omega 3 and 6, this multifaceted wonder has emerged as a sought-after nutritional substitute for vegans and vegetarians alike. With hundreds of applications, hemp proves to be a truly versatile solution, addressing a myriad of ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety, and more.

Pooja Goyal, Founder

In the heart of India's evolving awareness and acceptance of this untapped treasure, Moksa Expect Miracles is leading the way. Offering a unique range of hemp-based products, Moksa is on a mission to promote plant-based living. Founded by the visionary Pooja Goyal, the company embodies sustainability and innovation, delivering not only vegan-friendly products but also opting for plastic-free packaging.

Nurturing Health with Best Range of Products

Moksa Expect Miracles is a global plants and botanicals company based in the heart of Delhi, India. Among the array of offerings, hemp takes center stage as a transformative ingredient in Moksa's arsenal. Hemp's incredible versatility is harnessed to create a captivating range of products. From nutritious hemp seeds, hemp products, and oil to a special curation of hemp protein blended with brown rice and 36 botanicals (herbs), the company ensures that every sip and bite unleashes the miracles of nature.

Over the years, the brand has garnered an extensive base of repeat customers, an astounding 25 to 30% of whom keep returning for more of Moksa's offerings. The secret behind this loyalty lies not only in the high-quality products but also in the delightful experiences crafted by the team. Moreover, they ensure that its customers are not just consumers but also co-creators by paying heed to every feedback.

At the core of its philosophy lies a seamless and efficient supply chain, ensuring that nature's treasures are delivered to the consumers with utmost care. With an in-house expertise in tea tasting and formulation, Moksa has mastered the art of curating products that not only tantalize the taste buds but also nourish the body and soul.

A Vision for a Better World

Moksa Expect Miracles embarked on its transformative journey in July 2021. With determination and perseverance, the company has rapidly expanded its presence across the Indian subcontinent and is now available in the United States and Canada. As the brand aspires to have global presence, it continues to incubate technology and AI to enhance its online presence and create immersive experiences for customers.

Initially a D2C brand, Moksa is now transitioning to B2B, the brand's success lies in its robust supply chain. Breaking barriers, Moksa's products will soon be accessible on Amazon, marking an achievement of early entry into the platform as the restrictions on hemp products are getting lifted. Moksa's D2C success has been nothing short of an outpouring love and support from customers who have been enthralled by the brand's offerings. Expanding into modern trade marked a significant milestone, earning acclaim in retail outlets like Modern Bazaar, Apna Chemist, Qmart, and more.

Moksa’s rise to prominence has not gone unnoticed. The brand has been featured in esteemed magazines and newsletters, garnering well-deserved recognition for its contributions to the realm of plant-based living.

A Sustainable Odyssey

The company’s unwavering commitment to sustainability shines through its impressive achievement of being 95% plastic-free, striving to achive 100%. With a holistic approach, Moksa nurtures a greener tomorrow while empowering a global community with plant-based excellence. Moksa Expect Miracles' journey is not just about products but fostering a community united in their belief in the power of plants. With a vision of a healthier, greener world, Moksa's core values and innovative strides redefine the possibilities in the industry.

As the company continues to grow and inspire, it envisions a world where plant-based excellence and environmental stewardship are the pillars of a healthier and more sustainable future. Embark on the miraculous journey with Moksa, and discover the transformative power of plants and botanicals in your pursuit of well-being and harmony with nature. Unleash the miracles within, and let Moksa Expect Miracles be your guiding light on this extraordinary path of holistic living.

"At the heart of Moksa Expect Miracles lies the passion to make the world a better place—one sip, one bite, and one satisfied customer at a time."