When it comes to a full line of certified organic/biochemical agro-chemicals for crop and soil care, maxEEma Biotech takes pride in introducing itself as one of the industry pioneers (crop protection and bio-stimulants). The company began conducting research in this field in 1997 and is currently the top Indian organic crop care provider with a state of art production facility that complies with GLP/GMP requirements.

Kandarp Bakshi, Chairman & Managing Director

Using cutting-edge Green Chemistry based solutions, maxEEma has introduced a variety of cutting-edge organic crop protection and nutrition products. It provides the world's farmers with a 360-degree answer to their insect and nutrient-related crop, seed, and soil concerns. As of  now, maxEEma is unquestionably a superior choice among the countless other businesses because of its abundant source of the finest organic, herbal, pesticide, and microbiological substances as well as its highly intelligent knowledge and information base. In this industry, maxEEma has a reputation for setting the bar high for other companies. MaxEEma has been able to maintain a significant lead over other significant companies in the field of organic crop care formulations because of on-field Product Performance.

A wide range of activities have been successfully incorporated at maxEEma. They have been able to examine customer issues in-depth and work with them to overcome significant obstacles using their Isolate & Break technique. To satisfy the changing demands of their consumers and markets, maxEEma keeps improving its capabilities.

R&D for agricultural use and production

maxEEma is dedicated to R&D-driven breakthroughs while keeping customers in mind. They aspire to leadership through superior innovation. Through promoting entrepreneurship and spreading prosperity, they will work to establish trustworthy connections with all stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, business partners, employees, channel partners, and the general public.

The substances used to create the organic pesticides by maxEEma are derived from plants and/or animals. The term "organic bio pesticides' ' refers to phytosanitary agents made from elements found in nature, such as minerals, plants, and microorganisms. These extremely technological solutions were developed as a result of maxEEma's significant expertise in R&D for agricultural use. Many pests (such as insect, fungal, bacterial, and viral illnesses, weeds, etc.) harming crops in different parts of the world are controlled by using organic pesticides in agriculture.

The certified organic insecticide from maxEEma provides a powerful substitute for traditional pesticides. For disease and pest management, modern agriculture is increasingly calling for alternatives to chemicals. Furthermore, modifications to international laws and regulations as well as consumer demands for food free of residues are making organic pesticides an appropriate co-partner in crop protection methods. Organic insecticides are completely compatible with ecologically friendly, logical, and sustainable agriculture. Also, they get along with surrounding fauna.

In this pursuit of leadership, their human resource will be their most precious asset and the main engine of growth. They want to improve their people and their driving forse, so that they are more skilled and focused on achieving organisational objectives.

Chairman’s Insights

The success of maxEEma has always been based on achieving a balance between its economic, social, and environmental goals. At maxEEma, they are aware of their duty to provide safe and sustainable pesticide products and services that effectively meet rising food, fuel, and fodder demands brought on by social and economic development.

The chairman claims that they are capable of handling the issue and that they want to. Their goal is to achieve this through increasing the effectiveness of their products and processes, reducing their environmental impact, and positioning themselves at the forefront of technological advancements in the sector. Any business can eventually grow consistently if it pays attention to what modern society expects from it.

They intend to advance in a number of crucial areas. They have a Corporate Responsibility Plan in place and have already started taking some steps to address the new problems. They are also fulfilling stakeholders' expectations by implementing specific policies designed to draw and keep talent, win over local populations, protect biodiversity, and uphold transparency standards in their interactions with authorities in the areas where they operate.

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