Since fighting broke out between the Meitei and Kuki communities a month ago, the situation in Manipur has been grim. Currently, there is a lack of life-saving medications and the cost of basic necessities has increased dramatically in the state. In addition, there is no cash left in the banks and ATMs. This occurred as a result of civil authorities obstructing National Highway Number 2 and preventing goods trucks from reaching Imphal.

On the illicit market, Manipuris are paying up to Rs 200 for a litre of petrol because the fuel supply at the pumps is equally limited. Long lines may be seen outside the few that are open.

The cost of rice has surged from Rs 30 to Rs 60 per kg, while the cost of onions has increased from Rs 30 to Rs 70. Eggs are now as expensive as Rs 10 per piece from the previous Rs 6, and potatoes now cost Rs 40 instead of Rs 15.

Meanwhile, both over-the-counter medicines and medications that can save lives are severely in short supply. People are panic buying and stockpiling as a result of the situation's current state.

Additionally, there is not enough food in the relief camps where members of both tribes have sought refuge, leaving many of them to go hungry. Additionally, there is no medical assistance available in these camps where people have been ill.

However, the people of Manipur are facing numerous problems due to ATMs running out of cash, the Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) announcement to remove Rs 2,000 from circulation, and a lack of internet. In the early days of the curfew, banks were only open for a few hours, which caused individuals to rush there to make sure they completed their necessary transactions before the curfew relaxation expired. However, as more violence broke out a few days later, banks were closed.

During a recent visit to Manipur, Home Minister Amit Shah stated that a relief and rehabilitation plan had been put together for individuals impacted by the conflict. A peace group comprised of representatives from civil society will be led by the governor of Manipur.

To assist the victims of the violence, the Centre has sent eight teams of medical specialists, including 20 doctors, to Manipur. At the Khongsang railway station, a temporary platform is being constructed to assist those who are stranded and to control the cost of necessities.

Following a 'Tribal Solidarity March' to oppose the Meitei community's petition for Scheduled Tribe (ST) designation, the conflict between the Meitei and Kuki groups exploded last month.

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