Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a cricket icon and the captain of the ICC World Cup, has invested in the fitness business Tagda Raho, located in Bengaluru. The business, which has not revealed the size of the investment, stated that it is committed to Dhoni's fitness and that it wants to revitalise Indian physical culture.

Tagda Raho is a fitness routine that blends contemporary training techniques with conventional Indian equipment. Through common principles, the agreement seeks to transform the fitness sector by starting a movement towards a fitter India.

Speaking about Tagda Raho training module, Dhoni said: "When I came across Tagda Raho, the concept really appealed to me. Intrinsically Indian, the equipment used in the workout has been a part of traditional strength training and Tagda Raho has expertly innovated and adapted both the equipment and the movements in a modern avatar."

“Workout involves movements and an increased range of motion that activates several muscles that usually remain dormant, it focuses on your core, and stability and enhances your mobility. This is also excellent for athletes who are now looking at new forms of exercise to maintain their fitness levels and remain injury-free”

M S Dhoni

The fitness business claimed to have reimagined the "OG Indian Workout" by fusing a specifically crafted workout programme with conventional equipment including Indian clubs, such as the Gada, Mudgars, Vajra, and Sumtola.

Professional teams and organisations such the National Cricket Academy (NCA), the Haryana Steelers, and the Lucknow Super Giants have utilised the training programme and equipment. Additionally, the equipment's modular design is patentable.

“Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been a role model for the country, he defines physical fitness and longevity in sport and we are extremely happy to have him back the Tagda Raho team and vision. His dedication to fitness and supporting homegrown brands perfectly aligns with our mission to empower individuals to lead healthier lives and add a new dimension to Indian physical culture. Our aim is to expand Tagda Raho's training dugouts across India and enter international markets, with a belief in the potential of Indian fitness practices to make a global impact.” 

Rishabh Malhotra, founder of Tagda Raho

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