In pursuit of harnessing clean, green and sustainable energy, India's solar industry is running a serious race. Among the many solar panel manufacturers out there, there's one North star that's making a real difference - Loom Solar. Founded in 2018 by the dynamic Anand brothers, Amod and Amol, Loom Solar has emerged as a force of innovation, quality, and unwavering commitment to its customers.

Amol Anand and Amod Anand, Co-founders

What sets Loom Solar apart is their dedication to staying at the cutting edge of technology. This brand is built by true geeks when it comes to tech, and they're constantly pushing the boundaries to bring you the latest in solar innovation. Loom Solar has made quite a name for itself with its groundbreaking solar panels. Take their Shark series, for example. These panels are like the superheroes of the solar world, producing electricity from both sides! That means they're super-efficient and can make the most out of every ray of sunshine.

But Loom Solar's innovation doesn't stop with the products they offer. They've taken the whole solar game into the digital age. Imagine being able to learn about and buy solar products with just a click. That's what Loom Solar has done by launching a digital marketplace, making solar energy accessible to everyone in India, no matter where they live or how tech-savvy they are.

The Visionaries Behind the Scenes

The story of Loom Solar began with the dreams of Amod and Amol Anand. Both of these brothers had successful careers in the corporate world. Amod was into marketing and business analysis, while Amol handled operations. But the entrepreneurial bug bit them hard, and their shared passion for solar energy led them to take a leap of faith. Their journey wasn't without its challenges, but their determination paved the way for Loom Solar.

Amod, with his marketing skills and digital know-how, has been setting new standards for the company. He's got a track record with big names like Reliance, Airtel, and HomeShop 18 to back him up. Amol brings his "Let's make it happen" attitude to the table, always challenging the status quo. He's worked with big brands like Reliance, MTS, BPTP, and Luminous, and his experience has contributed to Loom Solar's culture of innovation.

The company started as a distributor for other solar companies like Luminous India. But they had their sights set on something bigger. They wanted to build trust with their customers, and that's exactly what they did. In 2018, they launched Monocrystalline panels, and that was a game-changer. Then came the AC Module in December 2019, solidifying Loom Solar's reputation as a leader in the industry.

Today, Loom Solar has a presence in 500 districts across India, boasting a network of 3500 resellers and a dedicated team of 100 employees. They've got two offices and even their manufacturing unit to ensure they can deliver top-notch solar solutions efficiently.

What Makes Loom Solar Special

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) lies in its high-efficiency, advanced technology. While most installations in India use traditional Polycrystalline panels, Loom Solar introduced Super High-Efficiency panels. These panels are smaller, more efficient, and can generate power even in cloudy weather. They're like the sports cars of the solar panel world, boosting efficiency by more than 20% compared to the old technology.

The company's commitment to excellence doesn't stop with innovation. In 2021, they launched the Shark module, a 430-watt high-efficiency product with advanced features and design. This unique product isn't available in the Indian market at this point.

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The Secret to Their Success

For Loom Solar, building trust has been the cornerstone of their growth. They believe that trust with customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders is what fuels their success. It's been the driving force behind their growth, allowing them to thrive in a competitive market. Another key to their sustained success is their commitment to selling products with profit, without relying on credit sales.

Further, Loom Solar is on a mission to make every Indian home energy-efficient. They've already installed rooftop solar systems for 50,000 homeowners, equivalent to about 20 MW of clean energy. This has reduced carbon emissions by a whopping 56,580 tonnes, which is like planting 90,520 trees over a lifetime.

"Loom Solar is all set to lead the rooftop solar market by providing high-efficiency products and unmatchable customer experiences."