Around 45 modifications to the Finance Bill 2023 were approved by the Lok Sabha as opposition members chanted protest signs. Despite protests from the opposition parties, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman introduced the Finance Bill 2023. The opposition called for an investigation into the Adani situation.

Without any debate, the Lok Sabha approved the Finance Bill 2023, despite the opposition's continued demonstrations calling for a JPC investigation into Gautam Adani and his conglomerate.

The Bill now has twenty additional sections. On Thursday, the Budget was likewise adopted without debate.

In order to address employee concerns and uphold budgetary responsibility, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has suggested creating a committee under the direction of the Finance Secretary to oversee the pension system. "I propose to set up a committee under the finance secretary to look into this issue of pension and evolve an approach which addresses the needs of employees while maintaining fiscal prudence to protect the common citizens. The approach will be designed for adoption by both central and state governments," the minister said.

The minister suggested that the RBI investigate difficulties with credit card payments for international travel that are not included in the Liberalised Remittances Scheme (LRS).

"RBI is being requested to look into this with a view to bring credit card payments for foreign tours within the ambit of LRS and tax collection at source there on," she announced.

In addition, debt mutual funds will lose their long-term tax advantages if they hold less than 35% of their assets in equity.  The amendment in the Financial Bill 2023 stated: “Specified mutual fund means a mutual fund by whatever name called where not more than 35 percent of its total proceeds is invested in equity shares of the domestic companies.”

As several opposition members raised slogans calling for an investigation into Adani and its companies, the chair adjourned the lower house's proceedings and put it off until Monday.

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