As today's markets rush with compromise, lack of education and knowledge, Little Saas has been making progress with their unusual and unique approach of educating people with their advanced software. Little Saas's outstanding team has been a core strength to its growth factors, leading them to scale heights.

Phase turned as a Spectacular Journey-
Little Saas's journey has been unique, remarkable, and exceptional. The Founder's last venture failed terribly, leading him to do tremendous research and analysis behind the failed startups. He understood why people lost jobs and wasted time and capital, leading him to change the pattern. Today, Little Saas has been built on previous experiences and now has been establishing its hold in the market with determination and enhancement.

Udit Goenka

Creating the Brand-
Little Saas's application also has its second communication brand associated as PitchGround, which is the fastest-growing SaaS marketplace in India and one of the fastest SaaS marketplaces in the world at the same time. With this enduring platform, PitchGround has been acquiring its pace rapidly that nourishes them to achieve users for Little SaaS simultaneously. Little Saas has partially lowered its customer acquisition cost by targeting the corresponding users for both platforms and upselling them. This is how it has acquired an edge above its peers in the industry. Udit Goenka, the Founder & CEO, believes, " having your customers worldwide is critical today, especially with software businesses, because if you do not do that, you are restricting and limiting yourself. At the same time, you will lose out on various opportunities. " There are tremendous opportunities and advantages to connect, operate and deal with the foreign companies located in the United States and Canada. It renders global exposure and generates 4 times as compared to the Indian potential.
The company believes this strategy is very competitive in the overall markets. This makes Little Saas the most comprehensive software provider.

The Persistent Team-
With a firm belief, the founder-Udit Goenka, with his amazing Co-founders- Oscar Hernandez and Lukas Liesis- have been executing their mission. They have been forging ahead with their unique and remarkable approach to educate their customers first and then sell their outcomes. The founder believes that many companies care for selling their products and not educating their users, making it a compromised deal. Little Saas's unique approach has turned into a most significant growth factor while staying in bootstrap. The founder remarked, "Because all the startups are doing the valuation game, we are trying to build a modern organization serving traditional values and education. We are very proud of that. "Little Saas's management has over a combined experience of 30 to 35 years in the field, proffering them tremendous leverage. The past successes and failures have helped the team put everything together in this venture. It has given a direction for commencement into a whole new level adhering to the tech background simultaneously.

The Roadmap and Perpetuation-
The founder remarked, " Our sole purpose is to focus on education. Our first approach is to continue spreading awareness of the importance of software today. We intend to change the mindsets of our users where the things offer an expense. " Simultaneously, Little Saas signifies to save time and energy on massive human resources as human resources are the most vital expense in any organization. And this is how Little Saas will make their headway and grow with growing minds.

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