Innovation has been a driving force for landscaping; pushing it forward into new frontiers of creativity and sustainability. From cutting-edge technology to innovative design concepts, the landscape industry is constantly evolving to meet the needs and desires of homeowners, businesses, and communities. As people become more conscious of the environment and the impact of their actions, landscaping companies are exploring new ways to create beautiful outdoor spaces that are not only visually appealing but also environmentally responsible. This article will delve into one such innovative and responsible company, LaSpazio Designs, and how they are shaping the way we think about outdoor spaces.

Anand Dave, Architect

LaSpazio Designs is a name that has been revolutionizing landscape architecture in India for over two and a half decades now. Established almost 25 years ago by Lokendra Balasaria, the firm has been providing design consultancy services across various cities in India. In 2007, Ar. Anand Dave became an integral part of LaSpazio, and later on in 2018 took up the ownership of the firm.  Since then, LaSpazio Designs has been growing at a fast pace, with its team of professionals and expertise in master planning, sustainable development, building and landscape design, and much more. Anand Dave shares, “Our team strives to find innovative solutions that not only meet the requirements of our clients but also minimize adverse impact on the environment. By combining our expertise with a passion for sustainability, we have been able to build long-term relationships with our clients who trust us to deliver exceptional results.”

Ethos & Uniqueness

The company's core values include honesty, professionalism, and ethics, which have helped them gain the trust of its clientele. LaSpazio Designs is not just limited to landscaping but offers a comprehensive range of services that include landscape design, hardscape design, softscape design, aquascape design, lighting design, environmental solutions, technical solutions and support, use of rare native species of flora and fauna and similar services . Their management team is young and dynamic and always strives to come up with new ideas and bring variations to their projects.

One of the unique aspects of LaSpazio Designs is that they design landscapes, not just for their beauty but also for their functionality. They aim to create user-friendly landscapes that are sustainable and require minimal maintenance. They believe that every project is unique and requires a different approach, and thus, they use natural elements and surroundings to create new ideas and spaces. Rainwater harvesting, grey water management, and kitchen gardens are some of the environmental initiatives that they promote in their projects.

Services & Sustainability

LaSpazio Designs has worked on various projects, from private bungalows to townships, universities, and even railway stations. They have always maintained their sustainability focus in all their projects, creating micro and macro cycles that are self-sustaining and require minimal maintenance. For instance, in their lily pond project, they created a natural habitat with fish, where the waste from the plantation became the food for the fish and fish’s excreta became manure for the plants. Hence a symbiotic ecosystem was established.

The immediate goal of LaSpazio Designs is to create environmental awareness among its clients and promote sustainability initiatives. They want people to understand and acknowledge that a mere two feet projection in their apartment can be used to create a functional kitchen garden and use kitchen solid waste to create compost and use it as manure.  

We believe that it is our responsibility as designers to not only create aesthetically pleasing spaces but also to ensure that they are environmentally friendly and promote the well-being of the users. In every project, we focus on incorporating green building techniques and renewable energy systems,” Anand Dave adds.

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A Different Lens to Success

“One of our success stories is the design of a society in which we restricted vehicular movement in the central area and created a separate path to ensure that the central area would be free from traffic and noise pollution. By doing so, we created a space that was more user-friendly and promoted social interactions. We also incorporated a geotextile membrane for waterproofing, which is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional methods for water proofing. In conclusion, LaSpazio is passionate about incorporating natural elements into our designs, and we believe that it is our responsibility to promote a greener and more sustainable lifestyle among our clients. Our emphasis on sustainable development has helped us gain the trust of our clientele, and we aim to continue delivering high-quality services that exceed their expectations,” Anand concludes.