In today’s hyper-competitive world, organizations don’t have the luxury of time to deal with non-primary tasks and the complexities of handling finance. Automating such functions with technology can take some stress off the company’s shoulders, allowing the team to channel their energy towards the core areas which affect the company’s success directly. While it is a crucial function, not many reliable fintech partners are available in the market. In a quest of bringing such trust-worthy players that can help corporates manage their expenses while acting as an extended arm for the business, we embarked on Kodo.

(L)Gaurav Thapa, Co-Founder & CTO & (R)Deepti Sanghi, Founder

The company truly deserves a respectable position among flourishing startups in Maharashtra because it has not only invested in top-line technologies but also executes every process with a keen eye on absolute client satisfaction.

New-Age Corporate Spending Marketplace

Kodo is a fintech company that aims at leading financial transformation for corporates. The company counters the spending management issues faced by businesses with a one-of-a-kind platform that manages all the business spending. Kodo is a single platform that any business would need to manage all financial strategies and expenses with a completely automated and seamless system. “Our core vision is to simplify financial tasks for businesses and take the pain out of payments,”remarks Deepti Sanghi, Co-Founder and CEO.

She further adds, “Most of the startup founders are not too comfortable with finance, largely, when it is not their core competence. I had a couple of friends who are also entrepreneurs reaching out to me for finance management and other related issues. That’s when I began to ponder on how we can use technology to be their financial friend at scale. The idea was to truncate the conventional and manual processes in finance and provide the teams with tools that can automate their tasks. We came up with a solution and today, Kodo is not only used by burgeoning companies but also by large corporations.

Face-Paced Culture for Growth

At present, employees look not just at monetary benefits, but at the overall growth and flexibility to design their life. Feeding them with an innovation pedigree and providing them with enough room to test and try their ideas is what today's employees look for. By strongly believing the fact that a company that invests in its employees is investing in its success, Kodo turns out to be one of the best employers.

Under the stewardship of Deepti Sanghi and Gaurav Thapa, Kodo is adapting to best people practices and work culture despite operating remotely. With the extreme vibrancy of a futuristic fintech brand, Kodo is providing them with ample growth opportunities. Though Kodo is a challenging and demanding place to work due to its constant novelty, many advantages come with its fast pace for new talents.

Sharing about the culture, Deepti informs, “At Kodo, we try to create a space where people can take initiative and find solutions. We always believe in experimenting, learning, and moving the needle forward. Kodo is built around a high-trust culture that gives complete flexibility to the team as long as the objectives are met on time. Our leadership approach imparts an attitude of service to the team in three ways: helping them achieve their true potential, guiding the team with the right values and ethics, and navigating the team with an eye on the company’s vision.”


The Distinct Features

The key aspect that sets this platform apart is its ability to empathize with the users and understand their problem statements; while being able to translate that empathy into actionable solutions. “As a fast-growing startup ourselves, we understand the gaps in the current corporate financial products very well. One of the significant advantages of using our product is that we work with the view of building a product for ourselves, which gives us deep insights into the pain points of the clients.”

She continues, “When a company starts scaling rapidly, their spending spirals out of control. There's a strong need to have a unified view of all the spending across teams, departments, and locations. Traditionally, in absence of any strong tools, all this gets centralized by the finance team and they create complex manual workflows to control these spends. To eliminate those monotonous jobs, we are building a modern tool that helps finance teams have complete control and transparency over their expenses; while giving flexibility to non-finance teams to manage business-critical spends promptly without any bureaucracy. To sum up, our tool saves time, ensures collaboration, and facilitates cost control.

Using our custom tech stack, any company can now use Kodo for all their B2B spends – be it card spends, bank transfers, UPI payments, employee payroll and reimbursements, or even QR payments.