JK Lakshmi Cement Limited is part of the well-known JK organization. With over 125 years of history, this leading industrial home has offices in India and abroad, with a leading presence in tires, cement, paper, power transmission, sealing solutions, dairy and textiles. They have been a well-established name in the Indian cement industry for 30 years, with annual sales of over 4000 crores in the Indian cement market.

Founded in 1982, the company has modern, fully computerized integrated cement plants in two states. There is also four split position grinding units in three different states. The company's total production capacity is 13.3 million tons per year.

Climbing the ladder to success

Bharat Hari Singhania, Vice Chairman

With more than 400 cement dumps and an extensive network of more than 7,000 distributors climbing the ladder to success, the JK Lakshmi Cement brand enjoys the best position in the market and its impeccable quality and service. A vast pool of highly skilled and dedicated marketing and technical service teams helps companies serve their customers at the front door. We also introduced value-added products such as JK Lakshmi Powermix Ready Mix Concrete (RMC), JK LakshmiPlast Gypsum Plaster, and JK SmartBlox Aerated Concrete Block (AAC Block).

They are relentlessly focused on product quality, customer satisfaction, and innovation. This helped them push the boundaries and unleash huge development potential in the country's infrastructure and construction sector. From solidifying the country's new emerging markets to investing in the latest R & D, they have continued to prove resilient performers despite the ever-evolving challenges of the cement sector.

JK Lakshmi Power Mix Ready-Mixed A hard work on products like concrete (RMC) has earned us an exclusive right in the cement market. RMC reduces material waste and material theft, saves construction time, optimizes costs, and enables targeted construction planning. About savings. Construction cost is 15.5% compared to ordinary mixed concrete. They want to continue working on such plans to reach higher limits.

The Team that makes it all happen

Bharat Hari Singhania-Vice Chairman is an industrialist with over 60 years of experience in managing various industries. Under his visionary leadership, JK Lakshmi Cement has embarked on several capacity-building projects, including expanding the company's portfolio with value-added products. Vinita Singhania, Vice-Chairperson & Managing Director is an industrialist and a businesswoman. With over 40 years of experience in various industries, she brings JK Lakshmi a rich and diverse business experience. As a philanthropist, Vinita Singhania will lead JK Lakshmi Cement on community development, aiming to take leadership in this segment while focusing on social improvement and ergonomic development.

The Future Front

Behind their achievements is an indelible thirst to push the boundaries beyond themselves. A strong and uncompromising belief system is at the core of the company, and its value extends not only to business but also to welfare and development initiatives. They relentlessly focus on product quality, customer satisfaction, and innovation. They want India to grow with them. They believe in sharing their success with society and helping to build a better life for everyone. The Chairman & Managing Director Bharat Hari Singhania said that JK Lakshmi cement will selectively invest in expanding its existing capabilities in the northern and western markets over the next few years to increase its presence and market share.