"Nature holds the key to our health and well-being." This quote by Dr. Andrew Weil, a well-known integrative medicine pioneer, highlights the growing appreciation for the natural remedies that Ayurveda has been utilizing for centuries. With the world turning towards alternative and traditional medicine, the Ayurveda industry is experiencing a surge in global popularity.

(L)Dr. Tejas Ratneshwar (CEO) & (R)Dr. Payal Ratneshwar (Proprietor)

In this holistic industry, Jishan Herbal has emerged as a reliable producer of high-quality ayurvedic products. With a commitment to using only the finest natural ingredients, Jishan Herbal has gained a reputation for producing effective products that promote health and wellness.

The Inception

Jishan Herbal was founded by Dr. Payal Ratneshwar, an Ayurvedic consultant with a passion for helping people. She had always believed in the power of natural remedies, and after years of clinical practice, she realized that many of her patients could benefit from Ayurvedic medicine. However, she also saw that there was a barrier to entry for some patients due to the form and taste of traditional Ayurvedic remedies.

This inspired her to create a line of pure, natural, and classical Ayurvedic remedies that were easy to consume and effective. She started with a small batch of multipurpose healing cream, which she gave to her consultant friends as a free sample. They were so impressed with the results that she decided to start her own company.

She shares, "My vision was always

“ नत्वम्कामयेराज्यम्नास्वर्ग्नापुनर्भवम्।

काम्येदुःख्तप्तानाम्प्राणिनाम्आर्तनाशनम्॥. (I don’t aspire to become King, nor to go to heaven or to reincarnate; my humble desire is to reduce sufferings of mankind)

This was in my mind as a motto, when I started my Ayurvedic practice. Understanding basic Prakruti with VATTA, PITTA & KAPHA, and Panch Mahabhut with the vast ocean of ancient texts helped me to have the best position to formulate Ayurvedic medicines, Herbal cosmetics, and an entire range of health and hygiene products. My husband Dr. Tejas Ratneshwar, M.D, has a vast experience in clinical practice. His knowledge towards identifying the core to treat any disease helped us a lot in developing some milestone formulae."

The Evolution

From its humble beginnings, Jishan Herbal has grown into a successful business with a wide range of products. They manufacture Ayurvedic medicines, capsules, tablets, syrups, and powders, as well as herbal cosmetics, including hair care, skincare, baby care, toothpaste, and health supplements. They even have a range of nutraceutical products, including effervescent tablets and glucose sachets.

Jishan Herbal is not just a business, but a mission to spread wellness and make Ayurveda accessible to everyone. With their innovative approach, dedication to quality, and passion for helping people, Jishan Herbal is revolutionizing the world of Ayurvedic medicine.

Since its establishment, Jishan Herbal has evolved from small premises with handpicked herbs to a company that has developed 25 classical and 250 patent and proprietary medicines. The company provides customized product solutions as per buyers' needs and exports Ayurvedic medicines to South Korea, Germany, the USA, and a few other countries.

Jishan Herbal has truly made a mark in the herbal cosmetics industry with an extensive range of products that cater to diverse needs. As the company states, "In herbal cosmetics, we are manufacturing Herbal Haircare like Shampoo, Hair oil, Hair serum, Hair pack, Heena. Herbal skin care like all types of creams, lotions, Sunscreen lotions, and moisturizers. Herbal baby care products like Baby massage oil, Baby shampoo, Baby body lotion, Baby shower gel, Baby toothpaste, etc." And the list doesn't stop there! With an impressive range of Nutraceutical products, including effervescent tablets and Glucose sachets, Jishan Herbal has developed formulas for various ailments, such as Hangover prevention, Diabetes, Arthritis pain, Debility and weakness, and Women's problems.

What's more, Jishan Herbal has even developed an eco-friendly product - "Toothpaste tablets" - that leaves zero waste. As the world moves towards more sustainable practices, it's heartening to see companies like Jishan Herbal not only keep up with the trend but also lead the way.

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The Bright Side

Jishan Herbal is proudly the pioneer manufacturer in India to introduce the capsule form of Maha Sudarshan Churna. They also introduced practical aspects like mouth-dissolving granules and roll-on products.

The company offers customization in product formula design, selection of effective and attractive packaging, and the design of the label to deliver a finished product. They are currently developing their own brand for D2C ventures and plan to introduce some extraordinary products that are clinically proven and have a remarkable status in their B2B segment.

What makes Jishan Herbal unique from other companies in this field is its focus on authenticity and purity. Their Ayurvedic medicines are made with pure herbs, herbal powder, or herbal extracts, and they prioritize the taste and appearance of their products to make them appealing to everyone, especially children. Their extensive knowledge of Ayurveda and the use of natural ingredients makes their products safe, effective, and free of harmful chemicals. They have a strong vision of introducing ethnic Ayurved to every person for their overall well-being.

A notable aspect of Jishan Herbal is its dedication to female empowerment. The manufacturing unit is 98% handled by female staff.

One of Jishan Herbal's most impressive success stories is their work combating malnutrition in children. After researching Ayurvedic medicine and herbal remedies, they developed a formula called CHOCOHERB to support the physical and mental development of children and combat malnutrition. Through this program, they were able to help over 75,000 children and establish partnerships with NGOs, doctors, donors, and government organizations. Their dedication to improving the health of children and empowering women is truly inspiring.

"Jishan is wholly dedicated to women's empowerment and sustainability.