Jharna Rani Ghosh, CEO

For many Indians, ghee is more than just a dairy product - it is a symbol of tradition, culture, and home. And when it comes to pure, authentic, and aromatic ghee, Jharna Ghee has been the go-to brand for generations. Founded in 1968 by Mr. Sagar Chandra Ghosh and named after his wife, Jharna Rani Ghosh, the company has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

Over the years, Jharna Ghee has evolved to keep up with the changing demands of the market, while never compromising on quality. From using modern machines to enhance the texture of its ghee to providing different packaging options, the brand has always been dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers. In fact, it has been the most beloved brand in the industry segment.

The Evolution

The company is dedicated to providing not only delicious but also healthy food product that is well-known for their consistency. They pride themselves on adhering to this principle and continually strive to improve their product based on feedback, testing, and market changes.

Over the years, they have made significant improvements to their ghee, including better packaging and a finer granularity, while maintaining the natural aroma of the product. The company is committed to preserving the purity of its product, ensuring the public's health by avoiding the use of ulterior preservatives to enhance the aroma.

They have developed bottles with different quantity structures, allowing consumers to purchase the exact amount they require. With the help of machines, they are able to conduct certain processes faster, but the Company remains reliant on its dedicated and industrious workforce to bring out the final product. The Company values its human workforce and gives them primary importance and care.

Jhana Ghee has become a trusted and revered food product, fostering cordial and secure relationships with dealers, distributors, suppliers, employees, and consumers. Consumers can find their products in retail stores like Spencer or Metro cash & carry and also in local grocery stores. They also sell their products on online platforms like Big Basket, Zepto, Amazon, India Cuisine, Indian Flavors & Blinkit, delivering Jharna Ghee quickly and conveniently from the comfort of the consumers' homes. They are even tagged on Instagram and Facebook by food bloggers and chefs, recognizing their presence on social media.

The Company has recently revamped and relaunched another product named Jharna Honey and has also introduced Jharna Kasundi. Both products are in their booming stage and have started to make buzz around the market. The sales for these two products are increasing daily.

A Notch Above all

What sets Jharna Ghee apart from other brands in the market is its commitment to purity and natural aroma. Unlike some other brands that use preservatives to enhance the taste of their ghee, Jharna Ghee believes in keeping their product as natural as possible. This not only ensures the health of their customers but also gives their ghee a distinct and delightful taste.

Apart from ghee, Jharna Ghee has recently launched two other products - Jharna Honey and Jharna Kasundi. Both products have been a hit in the market, thanks to their authentic taste and purity. Jharna Honey, which is influenced by the Sundarbans region, is a quintessential Indian honey that is both nutritious and delicious. On the other hand, Jharna Kasundi is a classic Bengali mustard sauce that adds a unique and tangy flavor to any dish.

Jharna Ghee's unique selling proposition is the texture of its ghee, which remains fresh till the last dollop and does not freeze after a few days of use. Their ghee is affordable, and 80% of the manufacturing process is dependent on manual work, which helps maintain the quality of the product.

The company’s exceptional quality and irresistible taste have earned it a top spot among food products ordered from different states. This achievement is not only impressive but also featured by State Plate India, an online food platform that was featured in Shark Tank India, Season 1.

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Goals Ahead & Gratitude at Heart

The vision of Jharna Ghee is to continue providing healthy and tasty ghee to the Indian market and to export it to the Bengali community who reside abroad and crave the Indian or Bengali essence in their food. The company also plans to launch different food products under the Jharna name banner in the future.

The company aims to expand its product range and make its products accessible to consumers all over India and to the Bengali community abroad. They have also updated their packaging and launched two new products, Jharna Honey and Jharna Kasundi. The brand’s immediate goals are to increase the sales of its products and expand its product range. They also aim to uplift the lives of their workforce, and with increasing sales, they hope to increase their workforce numbers.

Jharna Ghee's success lies in the trust and warmth they have received from its consumers over the years. They have gained this trust through the quality and taste of their products and their ability to work through opportunities and drawbacks based on feedback and criticism from their consumers. Jharna Ghee has become an emotion and nostalgia for people who have been using it for a long time. Their biggest success is their ability to serve households and restaurants with their products for over 50 years. “We are grateful for the love and acceptance we have received from consumers and the recognition we have received so far,” the team concludes.

"With their commitment to quality, taste, and purity, Jharna Ghee is sure to remain the go-to brand for generations to come.