Journey Since 1900

Cyrus Katgara, Partner

Jeena is one of the oldest logistics companies established in India. It was founded in 1900 by Pallonji Katgara and Jamshedji Dastoor in Mumbai, India. Pallonji Katgara and Jamshedji Dastoor started the company with a funding of US$ 75 from Jeenabhai. In addition to developing Jeena's Import and Indent businesses, Jehangirji and Kaikhushroo established the Clearing, Shipping, and Warehousing departments. The years between 1920-1939 saw many firsts in our country, started by Jeena. The first Indian Travel Agency, the first packaged world tour ever, the first ever ‘Shop On Wheels’ train concept, and Official Clearing and Forwarding agent for the defence services were all started by this age old company whose legacy still continues. It became one of the first freight forwarding companies in India to transport cargo by air. The years between 1940-1959 saw the opening of various branches rendering specialised services across India. Development of Import and Export, multifarious ‘first time ever’ services to aid trade like Indian Industrial and International Agricultural Fairs took place in these two decades.

The Travel Corporation of India was founded by Jeena and led by Adi and Jehangir Katgara.

It formed a collaboration with Chennai International Airport and was recognised as the top Indian company and third-ranked IATA agency.

In recent years, Jeena has built its largest Quality Inspection Center in Tirupur as well as facilities in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. Jeena was chosen by the "Port Of Halifax" to serve as their representative for India. With the Chennai port, it signed an MOU and it was regarded as the third-best IATA agent and first among Indian businesses.

Assuring the customs clearance and shipment of their Formula 1 vehicles and equipment during their "Magic of India" tour earned it an award from Ferrari. Jeena made tremendous progress by opening its first overseas office under its own ownership in Australia.

Making a Significant Difference in the world by Providing Pragmatic Solutions

This logistics company offers cross-country sales, time-bound door deliveries of air and sea freight shipments, specialty services, and couriers. With cutting-edge technology and a wide network of international airline alliances, Jeena provides customised supply chain solutions that guarantee efficiency and quicker transit times.

With their help, the company claims, one may avoid the difficulties involved in international shipment, from purchase order management to space protection. With Jeena's specialised services, transportation cost goals are successfully managed.

The company recognised the potential of technology in this fast-paced market and has included it into every step of their door-to-door services to guarantee on-time deliveries and shipment tracking. Radical technological advancements have helped them reduce the danger of shipping loss or damage.

Jeena is a leading supplier of end-to-end third-party logistics services.

Complete third-party logistics solutions are offered by the logistics forum at incredibly low prices. The company's job is to put together a network of middlemen who will be tasked with controlling the items as they pass from the producer to the consumer. In order to optimise dependability and cost through multi-modal distribution system integration, each intermediary is carefully chosen.

Jeena Criticare Logistics, a domestic healthcare-focused division of Jeena & Company, a logistics and supply chain service company with over 120 years of experience, is based in Mumbai. Jeena is a top-tier logistics service provider for managing the important biological sample supply chain for projects. They have experience managing sensitive shipments of human blood and cord blood samples, stem cells, and organs for numerous reputable clients who are global leaders in the diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries. They also serve CROs, makers of diagnostic tools, suppliers of reagents and consumables, firms that produce vaccines, the WHO, and government organisations including the ICMR, NIV, NIIH, NIRRH, and NIRT, among others.

They have created custom services with a specialised OTC network with the aid of their team of industry specialists.

Along with a data logger facility, packaging choices for shipments with varying temperature requirements are also offered.

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Driving Force of the Company

Power, Innovation, and Vision fuel the company's leadership.

They have worked to alter the traditional freight forwarding and supply chain services environment in India based on these three pillars. They assert that they offer consumers who value seamless, efficient, affordable, and effective supply chain services of the highest calibre. Modern infrastructure and forward-thinking technology make up their operating model.

Pioneered by some of the best industry experts and round-the-clock customer support, the working professionals at Jeena, ensure that their domestic/international shipping services to and from India meet the client's business expectations. Jeena is  committed to excellence and they want to pursue it with all their spirit.