SK Shrivastava, Founder

18 years of excellence

India has been a hub for emerging industries since the past few years. Companies from different states and cities are coming up and are becoming successful establishments.

Arun Enterprises, an Indian business with headquarters in Howrah, West Bengal, has established itself as a leader in the electrical sector by providing Power Transformers, Distribution Transformers, Dry Type Transformers, OLTC Fitted Transformers, APFC Panels, Vacuum Circuit Breakers, and other electrical equipment. These pieces of equipment are all simple to install and power-efficient. Their 18 years of experience in quality equipment and precision engineering has allowed them to establish a strong presence in the industry. Their cutting-edge infrastructure serves as the design, development, and assembly hub for the whole product line. In addition to equipment, they provide their clients power distribution transformer repair services and power distribution transformer rental services.

Sophisticated Machinery with a Dedicated Crew

As a reputable exporter, manufacturer, service provider, wholesaler/distributor, supplier, and trading company of power transformers, power distribution transformers, dry type transformers, vac circuit breakers, etc. that are sold under the brand name of iPower, they were founded in the year 2000. They provide a variety of items, including transformers, that are of the highest quality and are carefully manufactured in compliance with industry requirements.They use sophisticated machinery and a dedicated crew to produce high-performing equipment. Together with these electrical appliances, they have also provided power distribution transformer repair services and power distribution transformer rental services. All of their provided services are quite versatile and cost-effective to use.

Under the mentorship of Mr. Nitesh Agarwal, Arun Enterprises operates smoothly.

Engineers, designers, quality specialists, production managers, and other professionals on their team are self-driven and skilled, and they guarantee consumers prompt delivery and high-quality goods.The business has a basis of infrastructure that is well-equipped, and it is situated in Howrah's industrial district. This infrastructure foundation spans 3 cottahs of open space and 7 cottahs of sheds. The organisation is able to fit numerous machinery with ease because of this extremely big location. It is equipped with all the necessary automation and high-speed equipment. An intelligent group of technocrats manages the infrastructure, which has separate divisions for quality control, production, storage, and R&D. Their manufacturing facility is the key component that allowed them to design and create cutting-edge transformers and electrical equipment.

The company's comprehensive quality management philosophy has led to its quality-assured equipment. All of the contemporary testing equipment is installed to test transformers and other equipment in this spacious and well-equipped testing section. To guarantee perfection, the entire product line is put through several levels of quality inspection. Final goods are tested on a number of highly significant variables, including effectiveness, functional life, construction, technical requirements, and power efficiency.

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A Wide Product Range

The company has a wide product range. Automatic Step Voltage Transformer is used to amend the variety in HV supply voltage. These are accessible in three voltages: 6 KV, 11KV, 33KV and 132 KV. This sort of controller amends the supply voltage by methods for on stack tap changer switch. It just requires 60 seconds for full range remedy of voltage, while traditional write controllers require 6-8 minutes time for full range voltage redress. On the off chance that the variety of info high voltage is inside 15-20% of the evaluated voltage; the progression down transformer can be given an on-stack tap changer. Arun Enterprises produces a variety of Distribution Transformers of the highest quality. This product is widely used to convert high-voltage power and lower voltage levels for both commercial and domestic applications. They offer a wide selection of Dry Type Transformers of the highest quality, which are perfect for reducing the risk of fire and natural corruption. Moreover, it offers high tensile strength, flawless finishing, dimensional correctness, easy operation, and high performance efficiency.The company offers a large selection of boiler transformers of the highest quality. The mentioned device works best for melting and refining purposes. Together with this, it is equipped with a number of features, including three electrodes connected to the transformer's secondary terminals and the ability to handle high currents.The Oil Cooled Transformer is a gadget used to change over the vitality at one voltage level to the vitality at another voltage level. Amid this transformation procedure, misfortunes happen in the windings and the centre of the transformer.

The company aims to achieve greater success and flourish more in the future years with extreme determination and hardwork