John F Kennedy once observed that the word ‘Crises’ when written in Chinese is composed of two characters one represents danger and the other opportunity. In similar way, Sustainable Development Goals adopted by UN are a double-edged sword. Today, the world is going through tremendous challenges on account of natural calamities, many of them triggered by climatic changes. The crisis provides an opportunity for technology companies to innovate and provide environment-friendly technological solutions to the society at large.

As we move forward by amplifying technologies such as Blockchain, AI, Metaverse, IoT, and WEB3, that pave the path for a smarter and better future, we are also trying to ensure these technologies have a positive impact on the environment. The innovative disruptions we acquaint the world with must include a collective goal of green tech-revolution.

We believe that traditional methods are necessary when it comes to safeguarding the environment. Apart from that our collaborative efforts should also focus on nullifying unfavourable outcomes by making small-scale changes and adaptation. Those changes should be adopted as a target working environment and the way we partner with clients for them to adopt the changes.

There are multiple ways of adopting green-tech revolution such as using low-carbon emission development methods, technologies, building sustainable technologies that do not in any way impact the environment, utilising technologies to address global issues, coming up with solutions that help NGOs, environment care organizations and environmental experts to make their practices much more convenient.

Strategy is a competitive game, which evolves in response to competition. But the magnitude of the challenges in the technological, social and natural environment are such that corporate strategy will need to be qualitatively reinvented again for new circumstances.

Our role in Green Tech revolution

As an IT-development company, we are focused on Blockchain, Game, AI/ML, and IoT as some of the technologies that support our approach towards creating impactful solutions. The solutions do not have any negative impact on the environment, and instead help us to find alternatives for achieving a more sustainable technology-based ecosystem.

Recent developments have shown that blockchain technology can also be used to empower green tech revolution. On a larger scale, blockchain can allow in securing relevant as well as massive amounts of monetary data which can be used for multiple purposes. The major role of blockchain can be considered in enabling a secure and sustainable environment. Our blockchain-based solutions can help in creating smart wallets and transaction networks that are robust and unshakable. These solutions can be used for establishing power saving projects, which allows the users to benefit every time they save energy. A real life case study was observed in Uttar Pradesh in India. These benefits were monetary rewards which encouraged them to save more energy and those transactions where monitored, recorded, and distributed using blockchain technology.

In many sectors one of the blockchain’s characteristics of being able to perform transparent operations allowed organisations to lower operational costs and resources, thus eliminating the wastage of materials. One can apply these characteristics to industrial sectors that bank on mitigating wastage and costs revolving around the concern. As the manufacturing sector adopts the Industry 4.0, the sustainable manufacturing will be the prime reasons for companies to operate. The consumers today are much more demanding in terms of the products and solutions they adopt doesn’t have large scale impact on the planet earth.

At our company we have pioneered blockchain-based solutions to help you monetise digital collectibles and additionally they also allow people to use applications which leverage this technology to also monetize waste materials. Building a secure reward system becomes much easier when you have a scalable technology like blockchain to rely upon. The use of digital currency has proven to be a good alternative instead of using traditional metal and paper currencies that consume resources such as like wood, plastic, or earth minerals.

On the other hand, AI-based solutions have been helping institutions in the same areas; finding alternatives that positively affect the environment. The technology in the right hand will help industries to explore concepts of sustainable environmental development. See AI has the power to help us avoid catastrophic consequences, it is the most powerful too and with technologies like IoT, high speed network, cloud computing backing it up, AI will allow us to adapt co-creation and strategies that involve radical innovations. 

AI is a data-centric technology we all can agree on and collect, share as well as evaluate that data for better decision making. People don’t understand how decision-making is crucial at every stage of development whether it is organisational or for achieving net-zero carbon targets. Making decisions that don’t compromise our future resources is what AI is directing us towards. Meeting the requirements of present without sacrificing the resources that will be available for future generations is how we achieve environmental solutions. The reason  today the new age  tech companies can  believe in core sustainable goals is because , 40-45% young employees who are skilled, talented, are driving the IT industry experts to achieve eco-friendly scalable solutions.

Companies should always focus on environmental sustainability through employing like-minded experts and delivering solutions that have little to no effect on the environment. To accomplish this goal companies can explain the explain core purpose of vision also need to take care of our employees in adopting the purpose as well communicate with them periodically.

Laying off employees is the easy way out but training them for the next level of changes promotes positive goals starting with employee well-being and that way you can serve a purpose negating the compromise of profits in the short term. As an organisation, we will always have a collaborative approach to achieve the goals of sustainability.

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As Hubert Rampersad said “The first rule of sustainability is to align with yourself to continuously perceive what you do and be aware of the influence of your behaviour and actions on human beings, animals, plants and environment. This is personal integrity which is the foundation of empathy and ecodesign thinking. ‘’

Your every move needs to include long-term development and calculated measures, measure each step, gather information, and implement changes, no matter big or small, but to implement them that’s the most important step.

These lines collectively define our way of thinking when it comes to either discovering ideas that onboard projects in the sector of Green Tech revolution and adapting eco-friendly development processes.  In the end, it’s not about how you reduce your impact on the environment through your organisation. Instead, it’s about how you help using innovative ideas and technologies to achieve environment-friendly sustainable development.

About Author

Chirag Leuva is the Co-founder and CEO of Yudiz Solutions Ltd, a leading digital transformation and technology services company offering web, mobile, game and blockchain solutions for businesses.

Chirag always dreamed of starting his own venture, and that dream turned into a reality in 2012 when he co-founded Yudiz Solutions along with his friend Pratik Patel. With a background in Information Technology, he is well versed in the technicalities of this medium. Chirag heads operations/ project deliveries at Yudiz Solutions and manages all aspects of project implementations including requirements and systems analysis, design, development, test, installation and delivery along with constantly monitoring project development.

Chirag’s key skills include ensuring the overall success of the project inclusive of functional application setup and post-production support. Managing 500+ employees within the company, he has been in the industry for more than a decade and has contributed with innovative ideas and project strategies leading to improved margins.  He leads the team to ensure project goals, objectives, milestones, and deliverables are met, facilitating team and department meetings to reach decisions effectively.

Chirag has a Master’s degree in Computer Application from Nirma University, Ahmedabad. Along with his co-founder Pratik, Chirag looks forward to providing disruptive solutions to various industries. Chirag and Pratik complement each other’s skills to lead Yudiz Solutions and contribute to the digital transformation of the Indian IT sector.

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