Shalini Bhattacharya & Jayanti Bhattacharya, Co-Founders

In a world teeming with options for a healthier lifestyle, one remarkable plant stands out as a beacon of sustainable goodness – hemp. Revered for its nutritional and medicinal marvels, hemp is not just a plant; it's a revolution waiting to be embraced. Meet India Hemp & Co, an avant-garde venture that's transforming the way we perceive and integrate this wondrous botanical treasure.

The founders of India Hemp & Co highlighted, “Hemp, often touted as the most sustainable plant on Earth, is a versatile powerhouse that transcends boundaries. From its various consumable forms like flour, protein powders, cold-pressed oils, snacks, and super seed mixes, to its astounding 25,000 uses including fabric, bedding, oil, and even construction material, hemp has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. While the West might boast specialty hemp stores and even a dedicated museum, India's relationship with hemp is deeply intertwined with its cultural heritage. Mentioned in the Vedas over 5,000 years ago, hemp has remained a sacred ally in Ayurveda, nourishing both body and soul. Contrary to popular belief, hemp's role in India is not limited to history books. The modern landscape is witnessing a resurgence, with pioneering efforts in Uttarakhand paving the way for regulated industrial hemp cultivation. As this movement gains momentum, it ushers in a cascade of changes that could redefine multiple facets of the nation.”

Embarking on a Green Revolution: The Bhattacharya Sisters' Journey

In a world where concrete jungles encroach upon nature's beauty, two sisters, deeply rooted in the embrace of the wilderness, embarked on a mission to redefine our relationship with the planet. Meet the Bhattacharya sisters – Jayanti and Shalini – the dynamic duo behind India Hemp & Co, a venture that merges their love for nature, creativity, and entrepreneurship into a transformative journey.

Growing up amidst 30-year-old ivy and surrounded by the untamed wonders of the great outdoors, the sisters imbibed a profound respect for nature's delicate balance. Their vacations were more than mere getaways; they were immersive explorations of the mountains, forests, and wildlife. However, a turning point arrived when Shalini faced a formidable challenge – a chronic back condition that left her grappling with unrelenting pain. Fueled by her innate problem-solving instinct, Shalini embarked on a quest for a holistic solution. Amidst this search, she encountered CBD, a compound found in the Cannabis plant that proved to be a natural painkiller, muscle relaxant, and mood enhancer. This revelation marked the first step towards unraveling the potential of hemp.

Hemp, a plant intricately intertwined with India's cultural heritage, captivated the sisters. As they delved deeper, they uncovered the remarkable environmental and health benefits of this plant, setting the stage for India Hemp & Co's inception. Armed with a shared passion for creativity, sustainability, and wellness, Jayanti and Shalini embarked on a mission to demystify hemp. Their vision crystallized around a simple yet powerful concept – leveraging hemp as a vehicle for transformative change.

The journey has been a tapestry of challenges, triumphs, and the unwavering support of their family. Despite misconceptions surrounding hemp, the sisters assumed the role of educators, dispelling myths and communicating the true essence of this remarkable plant.

Seeds of Change: Hemp's Impact on Sustainability and Beyond

The ripple effect of legalizing hemp cultivation across India is poised to be profound. This monumental shift isn't just about products; it's a catalyst for a more sustainable world. Hemp, with its carbon-negative properties, becomes an environmental hero, purifying air, enriching soil, and curbing deforestation. The economic landscape stands to gain from specialized brands and innovative products, fostering a healthier, more conscious consumer base.

As they paint a vibrant canvas of sustainability, health, and innovation, the Bhattacharya sisters embody the spirit of change. Their story is a testament to the power of nature's gifts and the human resolve to transform challenges into catalysts for a better tomorrow/ An instrumental milestone in their journey was their feature on Shark Tank India in January 2023, a pivotal moment that assured their impact.

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Nurturing Wellness through Hemp

Amid the hustle of modern life, where imbalanced lifestyles breed ailments like diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and IBS, India Hemp & Co emerges as a potent panacea. Their diverse range, spanning flour, protein powders, oils, snacks, and super blends, stands as a beacon of well-being. Experience the hearty goodness of Hemp Hearts, a fiber-rich marvel nurturing heart health and digestion. Elevate your protein intake with Hemp Protein, a complete plant-based source fostering muscle growth. Indulge in the Omega-rich Hemp Trail Mix, while Hemp Seed Oil infuses nutty antioxidants into your culinary creations. Discover the revitalizing Hempboocha elixir and pamper your pets with the nutritional goodness of Good Doggo Hemp Treats and Hemp Seed Oil for Pets. Embark on a wellness journey at, where options ranging from Rs. 260 to Rs. 1500 await. Tailored bundles – Starter, Play, Fit, Home Chef’s, and Care – cater to your wellness needs, harmonizing with sustainable practices.

As India Hemp & Co forays into curative healthcare in Q3-Q4 2023, addressing stress, sleep, anxiety, pain, and more, their commitment to holistic well-being takes deeper root. Over three years, they've garnered accolades, including the esteemed 'Best Hemp Nutraceutical Company of the Year' award, solidifying their prowess in the D2C landscape.

"Nurturing local communities, reducing plastic waste, and aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals."