The previous reporting era generated overwhelming reports and spreadsheets that were difficult to read, and cumbersome to interpret. The human mind is unique in the way it is able to translate height, shape, and color much faster than it can process a series of numbers. When colors, shapes, and spaces are used to represent information, efficiency, and comprehension dramatically increase.

For all informed decisions, it is critical for every organization and professional setup in all sectors and domains to understand their data, hence data visualization is now important everywhere where data exists. Using data visualizations, one can easily effectively analyze data and present and make informed decisions.

An interactive data dashboard can be used to visualize and understand data in a single snapshot view. Data visualizations enable decision-makers to correlate the data to discover better insights and derive the importance of data visualizations:-

  1. Simplifies Complicated Data
  2. Analyzing Data Efficiently
  3. Supports Quicker Decisions
  4. Identifies relationships and patterns
  5. Data Visualizations are better presentation tool

Even during ongoing pandemic data visualizations are being used by many like Johns Hopkins, WHO, CDC among others to look into the Covid-19 data and gain insights to make informed decisions.

Data visualization helps to efficiently comprehend vast amounts of data at a glance. It helps to understand the data better to monitor and measure impact.

Data visualization strengthens the impact of disseminating information and presents the data analysis results in the most impactful manner.

Data visualization is the key to unlock complex data. It can solve data inefficiencies and easily and instantly absorb vast amounts of data presented in visual formats. Data Visualizations can facilitate rapid decision making. Early decisions result in averting losses. Visualization helps identify errors and inaccuracies in data quickly. The benefits of Data visualization tools optimize and instantly retrieve data via custom reports, significantly reducing effort.

At iTech Mission we feel that data visualization has the potential to solve many issues in all industries.

How iTech Mission (iTM) Can Help!

iTM offers bespoke interactive data dashboards, which can make a massive difference in the way data visualizations impact any organization.

iTM’s data intelligence platform is an integrated platform which includes Data Collect, Data Manager, Data Search, Data Visualizer, Data Monitoring, Data Gallery and more.

iTM’s Data Visualization Tools enables you to visualize data from a variety of data source. Unlike most data analytics and visualization tools, iTM can connect to local or remote data in many different formats. Connection to various databases, including multiple data sources and types to gain the required insights.