In a country as diverse as India, where culinary traditions and regional delicacies vary from one state to another, preserving the authenticity of homemade food while catering to the modern-day lifestyle can be quite challenging. However, ID Fresh Food, a visionary Indian food company, has managed to strike the perfect balance between tradition and convenience, delighting millions of households with their range of fresh and authentic ready-to-cook food products.

ID Fresh Food: Embracing Tradition with Modernity

ID Fresh Food was founded in 2005 by PC Musthafa, his four cousins, and their friend. What began as a humble entrepreneurial venture in Bengaluru, Karnataka, has now evolved into a household name across India and beyond. The company's primary focus was to address the busy urban life's culinary challenges by providing traditional, preservative-free, and wholesome food options.

ID Fresh Foods success lies in its ability to bring together the best of both worlds – traditional Indian recipes and modern-day convenience. The company's approach is simple yet impactful: they source high-quality, locally-grown ingredients and use age-old recipes that have been passed down through generations. By doing so, they manage to maintain the authenticity of flavours that Indian families cherish.

The process of preparing these fresh foods involves utmost care and hygiene. The ingredients are carefully washed, chopped, and ground using state-of-the-art technology in a hygienic facility. The batter or dough is then packed and delivered to retail outlets and stores while maintaining a strict cold chain to preserve freshness.

Wide Range of Products

ID Fresh Food offers an extensive range of products that cater to various mealtime needs, from breakfast to dinner and everything in between. Some of their most popular products include, Idli/Dosa Batter, Chapati/Phulka, Malabar Parota, Curly Paratha, Ragi Idli/Dosa Batter, Ragi Idli/Dosa Batter, Vada Batter and Filter Coffee Decoction. The goal of iD Fresh Food is to provide real, fresh, and preservative-free food that satisfies both the body's demand for healthy intake and desires for classic flavours.​

They take great satisfaction in the homemade preparation methods they use in their HACCP-compliant, ultra-hygienic operations. They never add artificial flavours, chemicals, or preservatives to their food, which is always safe.

Expanding Horizons

What began as a small enterprise in Bengaluru has expanded its footprint across India and beyond. ID Fresh Foods success in India prompted them to venture into international markets, where the demand for authentic Indian flavours has been on the rise. Today, their products can be found in various countries, catering to the Indian diaspora and locals alike.

ID Fresh Food takes pride in its commitment to quality. They source their ingredients from trusted farmers and suppliers, ensuring that the final product is nothing short of excellence. Additionally, the company has implemented sustainable practices in their operations, focusing on reducing waste and promoting responsible consumption.

One of the most inspiring aspects of ID Fresh Food's journey is their impact on women empowerment. The company has created numerous job opportunities for women by training and employing them to work in their manufacturing units. Through this initiative, they have enabled many women to become financially independent and take control of their lives.

ID Fresh Food's story is one of passion, innovation, and a commitment to preserving culinary heritage while adapting to modern needs. From a small kitchen in Bengaluru to an internationally recognized brand, they have managed to revolutionize convenience and authenticity in Indian kitchens. By providing fresh, ready-to-cook food options, they have become an integral part of millions of households, bringing joy and convenience to everyday cooking. As ID Fresh Food continues to grow and expand its horizons, it remains rooted in its values, serving as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and a testament to the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine.

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