The enterprise technology industry thrives on making what they do seem increasingly complex to their customers. Some things may be genuinely complicated but the per hour rates that consultants charge incentivises inefficiency and pushes business leaders away from playing an active role in implementation, often leaving important decisions to tech teams who are unlikely to know the priorities, risks and opportunities of their businesses. As per McKinsey, 84 percent of executives believe that innovation is essential to growing their business, and less than 10 percent know how to improve their innovation efforts. The solution to this is not to simply leave it to the tech team but to actively seek partners who manage the complexity themselves and work with business leaders to tackle issues (no matter how minor) that cause major business impact.

Team IBC Cube

“This was what my father, Shiv Shankar Raha, the founder of IBC Cube, was determined to challenge when he started IBC Cube in 2005. Prior to starting IBC Cube, he held senior roles at major enterprise technology companies such as Director of Customer Services at PeopleSoft South Asia (presently, Oracle) and VP of R&D at Viewlocity Asia Pacific out of Singapore. Since then, he has been focused on making technology business centric and accessible to business leaders and so am I”, said Shaunak Raha, the Head of IoT and Emerging Technology.

Truly End-to-end Solutions - Software, Hardware and Service

One of the key elements to make this possible is to provide complete solutions. IBC Cube isn’t just a software company. It provides and builds a range of IoT devices including Smart Cameras with Machine Learning capabilities, Smart Display Devices, Modular IoT Sensor-based Devices and Modular IoT Devices for Equipment Monitoring. Along with this, IBC Cube has an all-India service network that takes care of device installation and maintenance. All these devices, no matter how distributed they are, can be managed and monitored remotely from the IBC Cube Integrated Dashboard along with data from IBC Cube’s customisable Mobile App. This provides management with a remote command centre to manage and monitor various distributed sites, vehicles, equipment and workforce.

Whether you manage a range of project sites, a fleet of vehicles, a sales or service team or retail stores (or all of them together), IBC Cube can keep you connected at all times. You can view locations on map view, data in list view, footage in media view, assign work, get graphical analysis or download reports, including image-based reports with a click of a button on their integrated dashboard. It is an essential tool for anyone managing resources and operations across various locations.

Ready-to-use, Flexible Industry 4.0 Solutions

“What is most unique about us is that our products are designed to be both ready-to-use and flexible.” says Shaunak. IBC Cube provides a range of ready-to-use applications that customers can choose from and then customise to fit their specific business needs.They can customise various aspects such as specific fields on a mobile form, a customised workflow or a special sensor on an IoT device.

Over the years we have worked on projects with major clients such as ITC, L&T and Unicef, building custom solutions for them. This has made our core platform very strong and widened our offerings greatly without needing a great deal of funding. Over the past year, we took this treasure trove of technology and packaged a great deal of it, turning them into a range of highly scalable products.” says Shaunak.

Today IBC Cube has three major suites of applications.

The IBC Cube Data-Driven On-Ground Marketing Solution which allows retailers and marketers to manage content across various locations remotely using IBC Cube Smart Display Devices, monitor retail conditions and collect data such as footfall count using IBC Cube Smart Cameras with Machine Learning and do a whole lot more.

The IBC Cube Remote Monitoring and Surveillance Solution which allows managers to monitor and inspect various remote and very remote locations using 4G or wifi-based IBC Cube Smart Cameras and collect environmental and equipment run-time data using IBC Cube Modular IoT Devices.

The IBC Cube Smart Transport Solution which allows fleet managers to track vehicles and get on-board surveillance using IBC Cube Smart Vehicle Cameras, BLE Beacon-based Boarding Status Monitoring and various other features for safety and operations.

In addition to this various custom forms can be created for IBC Cube Mobile App and custom workflows implemented. IBC Cube also continues to add new computer vision-based features.

We have thousands of devices being installed across India with a well-equipped service network to manage installations and maintenance across the country. We are also constantly adding new machine learning-based features to our camera and are about to launch number plate recognition,” said Shaunak.