A study conducted by a global market research firm suggests that the global clean beauty marker, which was valued at nearly USD 7.22 billion in 2022 is expected to cross over USD 14 billion by 2028. The key driver of this growth has been the increase of awareness among consumers and the current generation of millennial that is very much aware of the impact of human activities on self as well as the planet. In the post-pandemic era where health and wellness is paramount, people have become more informed and inclined to natural and vegan products, while some have even adopted veganism as their way of life, becoming more aware of the benefits of leading a life in sync with nature and the harmful impact of harsh chemicals.

However, the growing e-commerce has to be at the crux of this increased awareness where consumers can easily access the Clean, Vegan skincare and hair care products as per their needs. Clean and vegan products are the ones that are non-toxic, free of harmful ingredients, and most importantly all the ingredients are mentioned on the label, with no scope for hidden ingredients that could potentially harm the skin. The packaging too has become clean where plastic is being replaced by recyclable and reusable material like paper, cardboard, metal, bio based or plant-based plastics. In fact our own packaging is made out of sugarcane.

The world is further waking up to the benefits of ingredients that can be great alternatives to harsh chemical. For instance if we speak about haircare and hair colour in particular, there is increased adoption of Ayurvedic herbs and botanically-sourced ingredients such as jua, malva, guarana, babassu oil rich in fatty acids, olive and coconut oil etc. Sourced from the Amazonian rainforests of Brazil, a land rich in natural minerals, these ingredients can be mixed with Henna to get a vegan alternative to harsh chemical-based hair dyes.

Such hair dyes have in fact surfaced as a quick fix solution to pre mature greying that people often suffer from. Often a result of using harsh chemicals in shampoos and added ones in every application of hair dyes, we end up with hair that cannot be salvaged. And we can minimise this damage by being particular about what we include in our personal care regimen. More number of consumers today prefers a semi-permanent hair colour that is void of Ammonia or any of its by-products, Ethanolamine, Dietanolamine and Triethanolamine. Also, they no longer need to compromise on the choice of the color as the options are many, including vibrant ones like red, copper, brown, black and burgundy. Besides, they are aware about the harms of synthetic perfume comprising Phthalates, which can disturb hormones causing thyroid câncer and lipid disturbance. The new-age consumer does not go for toxic ingredients such as PPD, resorcinol, EDTA and lauryl sulfate.

For those who are hard pressed for time, a better alternative would be to use Henna cream that comes with easy to apply applicator, giving you same results without creating a mess. The henna color stays longer than conventional dyes, requiring only a touch up in 20 days or as per the growth of your hair. Furthermore, it is a natural alternative, providing ample of nourishment to the scalp and hair and making it longer and stronger. It is in fact evident in every domain of personal care that the beauty industry as a whole, along with all stakeholders, is making a transformational shift to clean-ingredient focused products.

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About Author

Clelia Cecilia Angelon is the founder and CEO of Surya Brasil, a renowned Brazilian cosmetics company that specializes in natural and organic beauty products. With her passion for sustainability and dedication to creating high-quality cosmetics, Angelon has led Surya Brasil to become a global leader in the industry.
Under Angelon’s leadership, Surya Brasil has grown to offer an extensive range of hair care, skincare, and cosmetic products. The company is committed to using ingredients derived from sustainable sources, such as exotic Amazonian fruits, Brazilian herbs, and essential oils. Surya Brasil’s formulations are free from harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and synthetic dyes, ensuring they are gentle on both people and the planet.

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