It is a universal fact that women love to flaunt their sense of style and curves in the most perfect ways. And, what else could be better than adorning a pretty gown to look drop-dead gorgeous? However, most of the curvy women are over conscious about their bodies and tend to hide their ‘problem areas’ by wearing oversized clothes that don’t flatter them at all. Fortunately, those days are gone when only slim and slender ladies had tones of fashion choices at their disposal. Today, with several designers and clothing companies exploring plus-size clothing, curvier women have more options to look on point. So before you decide to shy away from what’s in vogue today and make the wrong choice, take a look at a few fashion tips given below to flaunt your curves with grace.

Right fit can look flattering: Choose an outfit that suits your body shape and type. Do not wear clothes that are too tight or make you feel uncomfortable. At times, curvy women tend to cover or hide their bodies under outfits that are bigger than their size. Avoid wearing oversized or undersized clothes, as you may tend to look plumper. Always look for the right size that looks flattering on your body.

Comfort and breathable fabrics: Choosing the right fabric makes a big difference. The fabric decides the look and fit of your outfit. It is ideal to pick from cotton, chiffon, silk and crepe fabrics. Avoid heavy or textured fabrics that can make you look larger than your original shape. Comfort and shape should be the key factors that you should look for while zeroing in on a fabric.

Small patterns work best: While you look for patterns or prints, use layers and mix with block colour garments. Color-blocking patterns and small patterns in mild colors can accentuate your looks, but only diagonal or vertical ones. Vertical patterns can create an illusion of slimness and height, whereas diagonal prints can make your waist look slimmer.

Dark and bold shades look good: Ditch the pinks and whites and opt for dark and bolder shades instead. Monochromatic colours can give a slimmer look. Outfits in colours such as black, navy blue, maroon and aubergine can make you look slimmer, as dark colours tend to absorb light.

Asymmetrical and flared styles: Looking for a perfect solution to wear a tunic? Choose a printed one with an asymmetrical hemline. The idea is to divert the attention from any unseemly flab. Look for outfits that can make you look slimmer. Fit and flared styles of dresses or tops, low scoop necks or v-necks offer a perfect solution.

Do away with too much bling: Always remember not to over-accessorise yourself. Statement jewellery pieces can give a much chunkier look overall. Long necklaces, cuff bracelets, stacked bangles, cocktail rings and dangling earrings can complement your looks. The ideal way is to accessorise as per your body scale.

Minimal make-up can work wonders: Don’t be hesitant to use make-up but keep it understated and elegant. Opt for darker shades of lipstick for making more of a statement with your lips. While contouring is a must, try and highlight your eyes in order to distract attention from chubby cheeks.

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Lean silhouettes work well for footwear: A pair of heels is necessary as it not only adds extra inches to your height, but it also makes you look slimmer. Go for lean silhouettes, as they give your feet an elongated look. Again, avoid chunky-looking footwear.

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