Whenever we speak of interiors and decoration, lighting, flooring ceilings, furniture and artistic decorative items pop into our heads. But things like electrical fittings, wiring systems and most importantly switches skip our mind. However, these aspects are very crucial parts of an interior and cannot be neglected. Switches, particularly modular switches, do not just enhance the beauty of a space but also have a great deal of impact on the operation, resourcefulness, and look of the space.

Electrical switches have been in use for a long time. However, back in the day switches were never designed to look aesthetically pleasing. Traditional switches only solved the functional purpose of breaking or making a circuit. Gradually, there was a shift towards modular switches which are more stylish, making it a trend.

Modular switches are stylish and youth-oriented electrical switches that can be installed vertically as well as horizontally. Moreover, there is a wider scope for customization with these switches due to which you can increase or decrease the number of keys, regulators, and sockets in a modular switchboard. Additionally, the regulator slots can also be replaced or repositioned. Also, they have no exposed screws. The shuttered sockets, anti-weld design, amazing flexibility, and shock-proof properties make them an excellent choice over traditional switches.

How are modular switches making a revolution?

These modular electrical switches indeed have an exponentially high aesthetic value. Also, the different types of switches come in varied designs, shapes and sizes Moreover, they come in a diverse range of materials and colour schemes. In addition to that, you can also find a wide variety of styles that you can use for designing switchboards that include designer switch plates, glass switch plates, colour-blocked switch plates, etc. However, there are various other factors apart from aesthetics that are contributing to the popularity of modular switches over regular switches.


As we have already mentioned, the vibrant colour story and the elegant designs of modular switches are just one aspect. The other crucial feature of modular switches is their versatility. Whether it’s automation, signalling or data transmission, these switches are very much capable of all of these things.

Also, these switches are available in various capacities, so be it the basic fans and lighting or heavy-duty appliances such as geysers, these switches can handle them all easily.

Safe & Secure

When discussing modular switches, safety is the foremost thing that most people would be concerned about. Well, modular switches due to their anti-weld designs are way ahead of traditional switches. Unlike the traditional white conventional switches, the modular version does not have any exposed metal screws and they are crafted out of high-quality plastic material making it extremely safe. In fact, with no metallic parts present on the face of the modular switches, there are zero risks of electric shocks.Another reason why modular switches are considered to be immensely safe is that their sockets are generally shuttered. So the risk of kids messing with the switches and getting an electric shock also gets eliminated.

Multi-plug support

Even after the primary installation of your switch is done, you can still very easily change and set the new orientation of switches and end up with no need for country-specific adapters. Also, it is because of the flexibility of these types of switches that allow you to connect all kinds of plugs.

Durable & Efficient

These high-end switches are rigorously tested for their durability and efficiency. Due to their internal wiring, modular switches can easily function for a longer duration than conventional switches. Moreover, due to its ergonomic design and cutting-edge technology, these switches ensure soft touch as well as noise-free operation.

Modular switches provide the perfect way to enhance the overall comfort and the aesthetics of a house. Today's modular switches, which come in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and styles are extremely useful and also play a significant role in interior design. The versatility that modular switches provide is their strongest feature. Unlike traditional switches, these switches are simple to install and remove based on your needs.

In fact, you may alter the cover frames as well without changing the setup altogether. Modern technology has affected modular switches, allowing them to work with a variety of devices and appliances. To provide an exceptional user experience, these electrical switches are a perfect fusion of technology and design. Modern users like them in every way due to their ergonomic engineering, usability, durability, and safe design.

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