Leading a healthy life in today’s fast-paced world is very difficult. A healthy lifestyle is not attained overnight. It takes months of effort to inculcate healthy practices into the lifestyle. A healthy routine is essential for staying active. Humans' mind works sharply when the body is in a healthy state. Opting for a balanced, adequate, and varied diet is the crucial step towards a happy and healthy lifestyle.

With so many things going on in life, one fails to focus on his/her health. There are times when people are huddled with excessive workloads. They are under so much pressure that, in the majority of the cases people have the habit of skipping meals and resorting to convenient but unhealthy eating habits. This not just affects our physical health but even meddles with our hormones resulting in mood swings that leave behind an irritable disposition. Likewise, the energy and capacity to carry out daily activity also deteriorate. 

Here, a good healthy diet can work wonders and take care of half the efforts to stay fit and healthy. Making minor but conscious changes in diet plan can help one achieve a fit mind and body. Vitamins and minerals are the powerhouse of the body which along with energizing also supports overall development. Incorporating healthy, adequate, and diverse nutrients make up for a healthy diet that provides protection against diseases. It is very rightly said a happy gut is a key to a happy body and mind.

But very often humans fail to restrain themselves from the desire to explore different cuisines. They are prone to go out with family and friends to try junk food. While gorging on fast food, it becomes difficult to keep up with the nutritional content of the body. To compensate for the loss, it is sensible to consume vitamin and mineral supplements to make up for the nutritional gap. Considering the hectic lifestyle, even doctors recommend the intake of multivitamins to those who face weakness, tiredness, and fatigue.

Recognizing the need to make up for the declining nutrients, Mankind Parma launched ‘Health Ok’ in the OTC category to help people cope with modern lifestyles problems with its unique formulations of natural ginseng and taurine for maintaining energy, 20 multivitamins and minerals for improving overall health and Vitamin C, D and Zinc for building Immunity. The rising awareness and consciousness amongst people towards holistic health are driving the surge in the sales of multivitamin and health supplements that have Zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D known for developing immune systems and providing overall wellness support.

But the supplements are effective only when there is a proper intake of nutrients in the body. Having a wide variety of foods is a prerequisite for a balanced diet that meets all the essential nutrients required by the body. Without it, the benefits of the supplements cannot be realized. 

Along with intake of supplements, a few habits should be incorporated in the daily routine for a healthy lifestyle:

Physical Exercise

It is advisable by doctors and health experts that every person should walk for at least 30 minutes. Exercise should be inculcated in part of every day’s routine life as it makes you active and helps in mind rejuvenation.

Balanced Diet

Many people often underestimate the importance of a good diet, but proper nutrition plays a deterrent role in improving energy levels and mental health. Eating a variety of fruit and vegetables gives nutrition to the body. Apart from this, one should not skip meals and avoid fatty and sugary products as it affects the ability to concentrate and makes the body feel lethargic.


The way physical exercise is important for our health. Similarly, indulging the body in meditation for 15-20 minutes gives profound results. Yoga or meditation lowers stress and develops emotional and psychological well-being.

Sleep Well

It is pertinent to sleep well and for at least 8 hours a night. It helps the body to take rest and generate energy for the next day. Insomnia is a cause of high blood pressure, heart disease, and mental, metabolic and endocrine diseases, so try and switch off early and avoid mobile phones before heading to bed.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty number of water glasses is the most important part of life. One should never take it lightly; staying hydrated is necessary. Studies show that drinking enough water not only helps you maintain a healthy weight but a healthy body –and helps in easing digestion and maintaining energy levels.