For a long time, people were fixated on the traditional methods of learning, that is in a classroom with a blackboard. However, with the advent of new technologies and developments, people started to realize the benefits of the virtual classroom. Ever since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, there was no choice but to opt for online learning. As time went by, people began to gravitate towards online learning due to the many benefits it offered. The virtual classroom offers the student a platform to interact with fellow classmates and teachers to clearly understand the topics albeit over the internet.

In such a tech- world, students are able to grasp the same concepts and knowledge in the comfort of their homes. Virtual classrooms allow teachers to interact with the students in an interactive way. It paves way for high interactivity with the use of multiple communication channels like online virtual meeting software, chats rooms, messaging, voice calls, and conferencing options. Through which learners with varying preferences are all able to benefit equally.

Being in a traditional classroom we all were used to the idea of just sitting and attending the lecture. However, this is not the case in virtual classrooms, online learning is more interactive as teachers use audio visual components to grasp the attention of the students. Game-based lessons, quizzes, polls, etc. are examples of how Virtual Learning makes classrooms more interactive.

As part of a generation whose ever-present involvement with the internet leads to virtual classrooms being the new normal, virtual classrooms are the norm. Online learning provides the curious mind of students a safe space to put forth their ideas and opinions. Along with students, the teachers have also started adopting new and interactive ways of teaching. Virtual classrooms have provided the teachers with a means to separate groups of students in breakout rooms so that they can work together and be interactive.

A Learning Management System provides teachers with the ability to generate reports of assessments and exams instantly and assess the problematic areas of each student. It is possible to give each student individualized attention to bring about better results. In order to reduce costs, educational interventions for remedial coaching can be conducted online. It will allow teachers to direct their attention to teaching activities instead of taking part in clerical tasks such as managing data.

Students nowadays understand more through technology than books. Technology has contributed alot to the betterment of online education. With Gamification and audio visual components students can easily participate in their online lessons. Today's students (of all generations!) learn best by combining different multimedia and sensory experiences. Learning scenarios that encourage participation, choice, collaboration, and discussion are much more engaging than traditional ones. As a matter of fact, interactive learning lets students learn six times faster than other methods.

Through various strategies and equipments learning through online mode is starting to be seen as more interactive and informative. Being online lets the students access the study material and notes whenever required, this paves way for flexible learning and initially will make the students interact more with the peers as well as the teachers.

One institute that understood the importance and benefits of virtual learning long before covid is Dr. Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute. We at DBMCI, believe that technology and education go hand in hand. The key factor of our organization lies in the hardwork of our faculty members in staying up to date with the latest technologies and trends. Our R&D team and faculty is always on the lookout for new methods to interact with the students and make them understand the most complex topics in the easiest way possible. DBMCI incorporates the experience, expertise, and deep understanding of examination trends accumulated over many years with the demands of today's students.

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Dr. Nachiket Bhatia, the CEO of DBMCI, is widely acknowledged as one of the architects of modern e-learning in the medical sector. Best described as a visionary, Dr. Bhatia has always fostered the idea of “Education for all” and introducing eGurukul is the outcome of that. From dropping MBBS in the second year, helping DBMCI recover from a 5 Cr loss in 2018, and building a 77 Cr profitable business by 2022 to being included in the Forbes Top 10 Most Innovative CEOs the young entrepreneur has come a long way.

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