Architectural lighting is an essential design element that creates a visual narrative filled with form, colour, and texture. It is a powerful tool that can completely transform a space and affect the spatial perception of a user. Good lighting complements interior design by highlighting unique features, setting the desired mood, and creating comfortable illumination. It is a crucial feature that gives life to any interior and has the potential to shape the user experience in a given space. Here is how lighting design offers a pleasant and positive spatial experience.

Upgrade the Design Aesthetics

Statement lighting fixtures like chandeliers or pendants can effectively change the design style of the home. Adding a contemporary floor lamp will refresh a room with vintage furniture and gives an eclectic aesthetic. It is always essential to choose fixtures that complement your interior colour palette, metallic finishes, or overall design aesthetics, and these fixtures should blend with the feel of the space as they provide harmonious design appeal. For instance, a colourful table lamp or shining pendant lighting can go well with a sleek and playful design scheme. Lighting accessories with shiny metallic finishes are a great option for warming up a room without dramatic hues. Thus, adding relevant lighting is an effortless and sophisticated strategy to upgrade your palette.

Revamp your Ambience

Proper lighting often plays a significant role in creating the perfect atmosphere in any home. Creating the ideal ambience in a space predominantly involves a focal point, that creates a center of attraction. It can be in the form of spotlighting a particular piece of artwork, a bookcase, or even a unique architectural feature of the home. Accent lighting that highlights the corners, or colourful dimmers that create a vibrant atmosphere are the perfect choices of lighting to set up the right ambience of a home. Under-cabinet lighting is an easily installed and energy-efficient ambient lighting that can be used in kitchens. It acts as a crucial feature in a kitchen to avoid any cooking accidents. The lighting temperature also has a crucial part in determining the ambience, therefore influencing the emotional experience of a space.

Add Personality

Well-chosen lighting can shed light on aspects of the personality of the space as well as the user. The style of the lighting fixture and even the colour of the bulb can be used to express user preferences. A fixture with a sleek design and clean aesthetics makes a strong minimalist statement. On the other hand, chandeliers and other decorative lighting fixtures, make striking centrepieces and convey the taste for extravagance. Light fixtures can also reflect your personal style through materials that include wood, aluminium, glass, stone, or marble, and can complement any style of the room.

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Make a Statement

Sculptural lighting can turn into an art display and make a statement in any space. Decorative lamps with bold designs create a unique narrative in bedrooms and lounges. Simple geometric shapes in lighting accessories give a modern look and add visual interest. Brass finishes bring a sense of elegance to the lighting fixtures and work well in chandeliers when installed in large areas such as living rooms. These fixtures create a focal point in a living room and instantly draw the attention of guests. A successful lighting scheme will always have a mix of different lighting systems. Our job is to look at your space or plans, play with ideas and then plan layers of light in the space to achieve a balance of lighting. Planning our interior lighting by layering lights and playing with unique ideas is an effective way to transform the spatial experience in homes.

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The essential ethos of Intento Architects is embodied in its founders Mandar Joshi and Suvarna Joshi, who are young in vision and dynamic in intent. They combined their considerable design and business expertise when they joined forces in 2012 to establish Intento Architects.

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