Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been creating waves in various industries for quite some time. It has transformed how businesses work and has aided people in countless ways. But did you realise that AI may also be used for personal development? What seemed far fetched a few years ago is a reality today as AI can provide quick solutions for many problems, thereby lessening manual efforts, especially for mundane, repetitive tasks. Here’s how AI is impacting various realms of life and career.

Learning and Development using Artificial Intelligence

AI has the capability to mine through vast data, assess employee performance, collect feedback from innumerable sources and also make a range of analytics, in no time at all. This insight can then  be further used for learning and development. Mentioned below are some key factors where AI can be utilised efficiently.

  1. Finding Knowledge Gaps

A majority of enterprise learning solutions rely on comprehensive instruction. We imply that all employees receive the same course materials. However, not all employees are created equal. Some people may already have a talent that the job requires. Forcing people to learn what they already know is a poor strategy. AI can be used by popular online training providers to assess a learner’s performance, abilities, and knowledge gaps. Once the knowledge gap has been discovered, the L&D team can work on changing their training approach to fill it. This makes learning more effective, as the course material can then be customised as per need. It leads to a quicker solution, thereby saving time and money for the organization.

  • Make the Most Appropriate Content Suggestions 

AI, like Google, may search the internet, your personal information, and other sources to find the most relevant content. This method saves time for individuals because they do not have to manually look through several search results pages for hours. Thus the resultant content will be apt for you needs.

  • Personalise Learning Based on the Learner

AI can tailor learning based on the learner's pace, age, gender, and demographics. It might gradually deliver materials to employees as they complete a chapter or module. 

For example, suppose you wish to train an experienced employee in customer service. AI may automatically scan employees' talents and recommend advanced resources instead of basic training materials.

  • Assessments that are seamless and provide immediate feedback

Human efforts will not be required for learning assessment. AI-powered technologies can collect data, analyse performance, check answer sheets, and deliver correct results. You can get fast feedback and learn how they performed. As long as the assessment is digital, AI can deliver it.

Creating Critical Insights for Your Employees Learning and Development

AI can mine LMS data and employee performance to gather feedback and pave the way for various analyses. Businesses can use data to gain insights into their learning and development. They can learn about course effectiveness, opportunities for improvement, and important trends and patterns. The knowledge can help you improve your content, courses, and training strategy. AI can collect data continually, allowing you to always make informed business decisions.

Moreover, one can use AI-based productivity tools that aid in personal development directly and indirectly, as they make our work faster and error free. Such tools can foster an unimaginable growth, which will result in superior productivity and efficiency. Some of you might know about CoPilot, a software for coding, but there are specific tools as well for creating Music, content, image generation using AI, that give phenomenal results. If this wouldn’t lessen your workload and leave you with more time for personal development, then what will?

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AI as a Guide

AI enabled life coaching often entails using an AI-powered platform or application to interact with an AI coach. This can be accomplished through text or voice discussions. The AI coach will ask questions, learn from your responses, and provide personalised guidance and directions based on the data it has, and the most suitable solution for it.

However, it is imperative to understand that AI life coaching is not a substitute for traditional life coaching or therapy. While technology can provide clients with tailored support and direction, it cannot replace the human connection and empathy that a skilled life coach or therapist can provide. All the same, AI can be a useful supplement for anyone seeking further help and direction on their personal growth journey.

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