While it has been a couple of years since the global pandemic, its effects have still held the tourism market in its thrall. Some trends from 2021 are still present in the leading trends of 2022, including having sustainable hotels, but other trends based on technology have been gaining rapid traction. As the tourism industry contributes to almost 10% of the global earnings, it is essential for hotels and franchisees to comprehend and make amends in the industry based on what drives the market. It calls for more significant delegation of work, monitoring routine activities, and creating a safe environment for the guests.

People like to opt for four-star and five-star hotel properties these days as the premium hospitality segment is constantly upping its game. Top-tech filled hotel rooms are all the rage these days, with multiple tech services they have to offer, like wireless charging, automatic locks, e-menus, voice search, and facial recognition. In order to take it to the next level, hotels are also looking to offer more comprehensive and speedy room service during any time of the day, with a mobile app for greater convenience.

Restaurants and supermarkets have started to offer an automated process for check-in and check-out. This cuts the need for any human interaction. Born out of the need for social distance, this is a byproduct of the COVID-19 requirements. Various apps help guests check-in and check-out without any issues. But these are third-party apps, so hotels can consider incorporating them into their official app. It can also offer manual input for private data and payment details if needed. Managers have direct access to this data, expediting the process of checking in or out. Smart devices can help guests obtain their keys as well.

A common trend that the hotel industry will be witnessing this year is the renovation of public areas like reception, lobby, and all-day dinings and coffee shops as the guests make their first impressions of the hotel through these spaces. Therefore, these areas are expected to be more welcoming in nature and at par with the new trends, emphasizing hygiene and seamless circulation. It is essential to provide these areas with an extravagant and regal demeanour for the initial impression created on the guest to be positive. With flexible design concept, numerous public areas can also be converted into conference halls for huge business conferences and events

Experiential hospitality is also going to be a significant future trend in the hospitality sector. Future trends will also definitely include the ongoing trends like sustainability and energy conservation. In fact, these are likely to become more essential with the passage of time. A travel section for hotels known as the 'business leisure' segment is also being envisaged. This segment will cater to the patrons that travel for business and look for an extended stay for leisure. The idea is to deliver a space that feels like a home away from home for these guests. The whole concept will revolve around warmth and tranquility. A congenial design scheme will be outlined for luxury/presidential suites so that the guest can savour upon a more luxurious and stylish yet homey spirit.

Wellness is another attribute that will play a vital role in the hospitality segment in the years to come. Guests tend to look at clinical hygiene when it comes to their safety today, which will be a major requirement in the future as well. Looking at the current pandemic situation, we envisage a work-from-home environment in the hotel rooms/suites as well. Technology will play a vital role, incorporating strong wifi networks and other accessories and more advanced solutions for video conferencing and virtual meetings.

The upcoming years might be more about designing timeless yet quirky & minimalistic functional spaces where the final design output is straightforward and easy to navigate.

Over the past two decades, Designers Group has gained tremendous experience while being associated with numerous hotel projects, from resorts to business hotels to mid-segment brands. We strongly feel that there is significant potential in the market for the growth of Indian hotel brands to create a better identity for themselves.

2022 is a year of great possibilities, and in order to ensure that hotels are well-liked by people, these are the trends that they need to adhere to. By following these trends, hotels will have an edge over their competitors, making for better experiences for the guests and the managers.

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Ar. Khozema Chitalwala, a prominent name in the architectural fraternity and beyond, has been a major driving force for several independent and collaborative projects across the globe. Having graduated from Rachna Sansad, Ar. Khozema Chitalwala started his career three decades ago with his first architectural project in the suburbs of Mumbai. He established his firm, Designers Group in 1988 with a dream & endeavour to institute ‘Designers Group’ as an internationally acclaimed design firm.

The initial years of his career ensued to be challenging where a couple of projects did not materialise. Working persistently on various interior design projects, Ar. Chitalwala manifested a strong base for craftsmanship, which led to his extensive and diversified work experience. With this persistence and hard work, he eventually got to work on Taj Hotels and Resort, IHCL project which was a turning point for Designers Group, granting a directional focal point on hospitality and over a period of time Designers Group became a leading hospitality design firm in India.

Nature has always been a great source of inspiration for Chitalwala’s design philosophy, keeping sustainability a key focus while outlining astounding hospitality marvels. Professionally, a creative stimulus was postulated in him by international design firm Hirsch Bedner Associates, a global runner in the Hospitality Design sector, which encouraged him to create a focused Hospitality Practice, invoking an understanding of Indian Hospitality industry.

He believes that contextual and sensitive design adds in-measurable value to any project. According to his design pedigree, he firmly believes that “being simple is difficult” which is an evident feature in his designs. Overall, his designs cater to the clients’ needs holistically by designing for a wholesome experience.

Khozema has been an ardent patron of Architecture and Design in India, driving him to be a sought-after presenter at various design platforms. He has been a speaker at various design podia including ISHRAE, IHE Hospitality,  ET, ACETECH, IDAC, IDE, IIID, WFM, IHE, FOAID, Design Wall, GBB, iGEN, etc. He has recently been featured as IFJ Personality. He also hosted a famous show revolving around the lives of multiple renowned faces of the Indian architecture industry, named Kupshup with Khozema. His work has been published by various design-led publications including Hotelier India, Society Interiors, IFJ, Good Homes, Architect & Interiors India, India Design ID, Economic Times, Design Detail, India Today Home, Business World Hotelier, Singapore Home & Decor, Objekt International, Moralmoda, etc.

Designers Group’s project Devi Ratn has recently been awarded by World Architecture Award in the 34th cycle, Estrade Award 2020 in Leisure Interior category and A’ Design Award 2021. A private residence designed by them has also won Estrade Award 2020 in Interior Design- Private Residence category. They have also been honoured by National Architecture & Interior Design Awards as “Best Interior Design & Architecture Firm of the Year 2021” Maharashtra  under the “Premium Hospitality Projects“  Category.

Post divulging deep into interior design grounds he surfaced back to architectural waters with an impeccable creative streak. Placing its stalwart in the design fraternity, Designers Group today is associated with multitudinous national and international hotel brands including Taj, Marriott, Sheraton, Hilton, Pride, Holiday Inn, Mahagun, Ramada, Park Plaza, Novotel, Hometel, Radisson, Heritage, Grand Mercure, Avadh, Regenta, Orchid, Golden Tulip, Fariyas, The Fern, Choice, 7 Apple, Fortune, Wow, Best Western, Imperial, Sarovar, Blossom, etc.

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