Venu Nuguri, Managing Director & CEO of India and South Asia region

Electricity is one of the most important infrastructure elements, essential to national wellbeing and economic development. For the Indian economy to grow steadily, enough electrical infrastructure must exist and be developed. Universal access to inexpensive power in a sustainable manner has been the guiding philosophy of India's power sector.

Hitachi Energy offers cutting-edge products and services to clients in the infrastructure, business, and utility sectors. They develop cutting-edge technology and facilitate the digital transformation necessary to accelerate the energy transition to a carbon-neutral future in collaboration with clients and partners.

They are improving the global energy system to make it more safe, adaptable, and sustainable while balancing its social, environmental, and economic benefits. In more than 140 countries, Hitachi Energy has an unmatched installed base and a track record of success. They have its headquarters in Switzerland, employ about 40,000 people in 90 different countries, and bring in about $10 billion USD in annual revenue.

In order to address the global challenge of achieving an inclusive and equitable carbon-neutral future, Hitachi Energy is co-creating both global and local solutions. They succeed in doing this across all sectors, regions, and phases of the distinctive customer journey.A genuine and beneficial human impact is produced by developing and implementing technology and solutions in conjunction with Hitech’s expertise.They are forming collective action with customers and partners to provide the necessary technologies, fresh perspectives, and innovative working methods. They are assisting in strengthening the resilience and security of the energy system by integrating cutting-edge digital solutions and services, such as Hitachi Lumada, with their energy platform, which is based on special domain expertise and experience.

History and Development

ASEA and BBC (Brown Boveri & Cie), two electrical engineering firms founded in Europe during the industrial revolution, are where Hitachi's history begins. These two innovative companies merged to form ABB in 1988 after developing technologies for electrical power transmission, rail, and industry. Through a combination of R&D and strategic acquisitions, the business continued to create market-leading power and automation solutions throughout the ensuing three decades. In 2020, Hitachi and ABB's Power Grids' business came together in a joint venture to create a new global leader in pioneering and digital technologies. As individual companies, both had been innovating and improving technology for over a century. Together, as Hitachi Energy, they bring forward and build on this remarkable heritage to tackle today's challenges facing business and society. Trusted as a partner of choice to the industry, they co-create best-in-class solutions that deliver on the promise of a sustainable energy future.

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Hitachi Energy :Advancing a sustainable energy future for all

The world's energy system is being improved by technology to become more secure, adaptable, and sustainable. As the forerunner in technology, they work with partners and customers to enable a sustainable energy future for both the current and future generations.

They have promised to achieve a sustainable energy future for all while putting sustainability at the centre of their mission.Their latest sustainability strategy, called Sustainability 2030, summarises their main pledges to do business and act sustainably.They are advancing four major areas through Sustainability 2030: Planet, people, peace, and partnerships. Each of these categories has associated aims that provide social, environmental, and economic value and are closely tied with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.