Vinod Dutt, Chairman and Managing Director

Despite being a global food source with rich nutrients, milk & milk-based products are most vulnerable when it comes to shelf-life. Surprisingly, the dairy industry has been incorporating undesirable substances and other harmful chemicals to preserve them for a longer time. This sometime leads to a situation where milk, once known as the symbol of purity, becomes unwholesome for human consumption.

Given these concerns, it is essential to ensure that milk products are safe for human consumption. By prioritizing the use of natural and safe techniques, brands like HF Super are leading the way in producing safe, healthy milk and dairy products. This approach benefits not only the consumers but also the environment, as it reduces the need for harmful chemical preservatives.

HF Super is a brand of Chanakya Dairy Products established in 2005 in Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab in collaboration with M/s Punjab Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. The company set up an integrated project in dairying with a handling capacity of 2.50 LLPD, which has now been expanded to 5.00 LLPD.

The company has grown over the years and expanded its product range to include bread and bakery products, UHT milk, and ice cream. The turnover of HF-SUPER in 2021-22 was Rs. 473.00 Crores, and it is expected to touch Rs. 550.00 Crores in 2022-23. The company's vision is to be a trusted brand for authentic food products, continuously creating new benchmarks and caring for and improving life for all. The company's proposed plan is to open 700 super stores under OTA Scheme and increase sales by Rs. 1200.00 Crores in five years, while TTO in five years may touch Rs. 1600.00 Crores.

Entry Into the Dairy Sector

The founders of HF Super were inspired by the declaration of the de-licensing policy for the dairy sector by the Central Government in 1993. They had the zeal to provide pure milk in households, say AMRIT for children. Thus, they set up a highly sophisticated quality control lab and established 1000 village-level centers on 70 milk procurement routes to ensure that the raw milk they used was of the highest quality.

The goal of HF Super is service and not profit-making. The company competes successfully with legends by maintaining the quality of its products. It is an ISO-22000-2005 certified company for food safety management systems and possesses Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification. It is also approved by the Export Council of India (ECI) and granted Q-mark certification for exports.

Product Variation and Benefits Offered 

HF Super's product range includes pasteurized packed milk, milk powder, dairy whitener, butter, pure ghee, curd, lassi, paneer, Extended Shelf-life Milk (ESL), ice cream, bread, and bakery products. The company has introduced Direct Vet Set (DVS) for its culture to improve the quality and shelf-life of its curd. It has also developed a range of new varieties of ice cream and kulfi to capture additional market share.

HF Super's products are known for their purity and authenticity. The company ensures that under Clean-Milk Program of GOI its raw milk is of the highest quality and procures it through VLCCs and large farmhouses (at source) to improve the microflora resulting in improved taste and shelf-life of products. The company has also arranged for insulated vans to transport its products from the plant to the dealer's doorstep through the Cold-Chain program of GOI to ensure no loss of product quality.

Bright Side

What makes HF Super unique is its focus on service rather than profit-making. “At HF Super, we strongly believe in our core values that shape our brand and define who we are. Caring for everyone who is a part of our ecosystem is at the heart of everything we do. Transparency and ethical practices are the foundations on which we have built our brand. We take ownership of our results and work passionately to constantly improve our products and services. Our team also values humility, and we respect and value every individual who is a part of our journey. These values are an essential part of our brand, and we strive to uphold them every day,” the team highlights.

The company competes successfully with legends by maintaining the quality of its products, ensuring the quality of its inputs, and providing innovative products to its customers. The company's marketing network consists of 475 distributors and 7000 dealers/sub-dealers/retailers in the states of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana and parts of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and J & K.

HF Super's immediate goals include adopting 200 villages where Desi-Cows having A-2 quality milk will be made available in phases of 5 years. The company also plans to set up farmhouses in 200 cluster villages, with 500 cows providing 5000 kg of milk for sale as "organic milk," and to set up Gobar gas units.

HF SUPER equally takes active part in CSR and other social activities, including eco-friendly environment by developing & maintaining lush green parks in City and to help poor students & victims of floods, earthquake etc. It has won three National Awards (GOI) besides many other Awards from organizations of repute.

"A Trusted Brand for Authentic Food products, continuously creating new Benchmarks, while caring and improving life for all."

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