On one hand, the world is regaining the hunger for better nutrition. On the other, our Earth cries out for sustainable solutions. Amidst this dual need, Hemptyful emerges as an advocate for our planet's sustainability, while crafting a brand dedicated to nourishing people's well-being. With a passion to leverage the potential of hemp seeds and a strong commitment to a cleaner future, Hemptyful takes the spotlight, blending taste and responsibility into a perfect mix. Beyond its culinary narrative, this is a narrative of a movement that resonates in harmony with our planet—a movement powered by innovation, nourishment, and the shared rhythm of progress.

Revanth Kaza, Director & Co-founder

“We are passionate about hemp seeds and their incredible nutritional benefits, but our love for them goes beyond that. We are captivated by their ability to provide protein and omega-3 while leaving the lowest carbon footprint. Our brand is rooted in hemp's sustainability and its potential to positively impact India, creating a transparent, traceable, and sustainable value chain. We envision hemp as a household staple, striving for affordability without compromising quality. Our joy lies in optimizing hemp's potential for a brighter, sustainable future”, highlights Revanth Kaza – Director and Co-founder.

The Evolution

Founded in February 2021, Hemptyful's initial year and a half were dedicated to unearthing the untapped potential of hemp seeds. This exploratory phase culminated in the launch of their brand in December 2022, marked by a unique range of Hemp Seed Butters. From humble beginnings in a small FSSAI-approved facility in Pune, it has rapidly scaled its operations, shifting its manufacturing and warehousing to a larger base on the outskirts of Pune. This expansion facilitates increased demand fulfillment, product development, and the introduction of an upgraded range of equipment.

Hemptyful's listing on Amazon catapulted them to the position of the largest Hemp brand on the platform, while also securing the coveted status of a leading Star Seller on Swiggy Minis in the hemp sector. Beyond the digital platforms, the products are now available in prestigious Gourmet Grocery stores across Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune, with plans for further retail expansion.

The genesis was inspired by the inherent sustainability of the industrial hemp ecosystem. This versatile plant exhibits remarkable carbon sequestration capabilities, outpacing even trees. Its ability to harness solar energy is unparalleled, making it a potent tool for combating environmental challenges. Hemptyful recognized that hemp's growth adaptability to Indian geoclimatic conditions, coupled with its zero-waste nature and soil-revitalizing properties, presented an unprecedented opportunity for holistic positive impact. Under the leadership of Revanth Kaza, Director and Co-founder, the company's foray into the Hemp Seed-based Food segment was a deliberate step toward harnessing hemp's potential to provide protein and nutrition with minimal carbon footprint.

Innovative Product Line

Hemptyful's commitment to quality is reflected in their innovative product line. From Hemp Hearts (hulled seeds with superior protein and omega content) to Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil (a potent wellness booster), and the groundbreaking Hemp Seed Spreads & Dips, the brand ensures that hemp's nutritional prowess shines through. The brand's emphasis on purity and quality extends to their forthcoming offerings: Hemp Protein Bars & Protein Powder, poised to elevate hemp's nutritional footprint even further.

Hemptyful's vision transcends being a mere player in the hemp market; it aspires to lead the charge in building a robust Farm-to-Plate Hemp Seed value chain. By optimizing hemp cultivation within India's geoclimatic context, the company aims to create a global-standard supply chain capable of meeting the burgeoning demand for Hemp Seeds. This transition process aligns seamlessly with a circular economy approach, heralding a Triple Bottomline Profitability driven by hemp's extraordinary sustainability.

Bridging the Gap and Driving Growth

Hemptyful's immediate goals encapsulate the essence of their commitment. They seek to standardize the supply of high-quality hemp seeds through collaborative efforts with farmers and vendors. The company aims to educate and raise awareness about Hemp Seeds and their benefits, leveraging digital assets and participating in relevant exhibitions. Furthermore, it is focused on driving sales growth through effective digital marketing strategies and strengthening their presence on Amazon and Swiggy Minis.

It’s reliability stems from their unwavering dedication to quality, epitomized by in-house manufacturing and rigorous 17-stage quality checks. A 24x7 customer service team ensures that customers' queries are promptly addressed. The company's commitment to transparency and education is evident through informative content shared on their social media and website, creating a seamless embrace of this innovative ingredient.

Their success stories are emblematic of their pioneering spirit. They proudly launched the world's first range of Hemp Seed Butters, redefining spreads, dips, and dressings with nutritional excellence. Additionally, they achieved the distinction of being the first Hemp Seed-based Food product range to be listed on Amazon, demonstrating Hemptyful's trailblazing impact. As it continues its journey, it not only redefines hemp's role in India's dietary landscape but also lays the foundation for a future where societal well-being and environmental stewardship coalesce seamlessly.

"At the core of our brand is a deep appreciation for the sustainability of industrial hemp and the immense potential it holds for India."