While India is inching closer to a trillion-dollar digital economy, studies predict the country to have a billion smartphone users by 2026. Considering this growing pulse of digitization, smartphones, and the internet, the need for mobile applications is becoming louder and more pronounced than ever before. People today are embracing the convenience of connecting, networking, shopping, last-mile delivery, transportation, education, and more. That being said, in every dimension, The Mobile App market is poised for a flourishing future; and many players have begun to grab opportunities in the sector. Among the thousands of mobile app developers in the market, Hands In Technology has been holding a special place since 2013. The company is not just focusing on innovation and implementation but also adding customization and sustainable practices as merit to its reputation.

Hands In Technology is a comprehensive service provider popularly known for its innovation, confidentiality, and quality assurance. While specializing in native mobile app development (Web, iOS, and Android), the company is on a mission to provide innovative and sustainable solutions that ensure lasting client relationships. The core of Hands In Technology is to offer the world's best quality app development with its dedicated developers and designers team who fulfill clients' demands. The company also develops and implements hybrid technology solutions and doesn't restrict itself to just development. It takes care of varied aspects right from establishing an online presence on the internet to hosting, managing, developing, and maintaining.

Operating from Mumbai, Hands In Technology has made a mark for itself as a custom software development brand. By ensuring that every functionality is built according to the clients' needs, it could gain a pool of trustworthy clientele over the years. Striding towards a more prosperous growth path, Hands In Technology looks forward to growing the team from 42 to 150 in headcount and aspires to expand its presence in the Middle East and the USA.

Feeding Innovation

Mr.Jigar Ashok Nathwani (Partner) and Ms.Jesal Jigar Nathwani (Partner)

Under the stewardship of Jigar Nathwani and Jesal Nathwani, Hands In Technology is always on the wheel of newness. Having an everlasting thirst for knowledge and upgradation, the co-founders not only learn for themselves but also assure to provide the team with enough room to test and try their ideas. Being in the dynamic IT space, Hands In Technology is a challenging and demanding place with several opportunities for fresh talents. The company believes in the importance of continuous learning and conducts knowledge-sharing programs from domain experts to encourage awareness of the latest happenings in the world.

Staying true to its values of commitment, sustainability, and support, Hands In Technology is adapting to best practices and culture, which helps the team grow at individual and organization levels.

Steady Pace with the Dynamics

With the extreme vibrancy of a futuristic Mobile App developer, Hands In Technology is hustling every day to create a hassle-free experience for its customers. Being futuristic often demands staying abreast and constantly upgrading to the latest technology products for cost-saving, increased efficiency, and better outcomes in the solutions. However, choosing the right technology becomes crucial, and Jigar shares some details about the factors he considers before implementing an innovation, “We are very cautious about upgrading our technologies. Among all the trending technologies, we look for those that are scalable and feasible, along with an existing community to help the developers when stuck. All of the technologies are tried and tested on our in-house project and not experimented on clients’ projects before proceeding to full-fledged implementation.”

In-house Flagship

Hands In Technologies has always been a brand that cared for employees, their growth, and welfare. Being conscious about their own workforce and also the millions of people at desk jobs, Hands In Technology launched an application to fight against office hours. “The contemporary world has granted us a sedentary lifestyle. Things have got worse with covid because meetings and events have begun to happen virtually from your desk. Sitting for 8 to 10 hours every day has contributed to a lot of perplexities and nerve-wracking lifestyle conditions. It has become tough to get people moving; let alone being fit, building abs, and losing weight. To combat this, we have built an application that inputs your job role, shifts, and other parameters and recommends four exercises every day out of curated 175 exercises. The goal here is to help people function normally and not become couch potatoes or develop the sitting disease,” Jigar informs.

Combining reliability, high performance, and superior customer service to deliver a comprehensive, customized, and feasible solution.