Aditya R. Daga, Executive Director

In recent years, the world has become increasingly aware of the impact that plastic has on the environment. From polluting the oceans to harming wildlife, the need for sustainable alternatives has become more pressing than ever before. As an effort to meet the need of the hour, Greenware, a brand under Plasti Surge Industries specializes in manufacturing compostable products to replace traditional plastic-based products. Their range includes disposable gloves, bags, aprons, bedsheets, shoe covers, and more, catering to the retail, hotels, healthcare, and agriculture sectors. What sets Greenware apart is its compostable material which is both biodegradable and eco-friendly and dissolves into the soil like regular organic waste within a year or two.

The Evolution

The 30-year-old company began exploring the concept of compostable products in 2018-2019. They recognized the urgent need for more sustainable and circular economic products to combat the pollution caused by plastic. Aditya Daga, Director shares, “Our journey towards biodegradable and compostable products was inspired by a strong desire to reduce the environmental impact of our business. As a company that used to deal in plastic products, we realized that plastic waste was causing a great deal of harm to the planet. While there are other alternatives such as paper and wood, they are often not cost-effective, and they still have an environmental impact. We were looking for a solution that would strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility, and that's when we discovered the concept of compostable products. Although it was a relatively new concept in India, we immediately saw the potential in it and started our trial production. We conducted extensive testing with various multinational laboratories, and we received certifications. This approval gave us the confidence to pursue our vision and create sustainable and eco-friendly products. Additionally, the Ministry of Environment's push towards more sustainable products further fueled our efforts”.

Initially, they focused on compostable gloves and trained their customers to switch to more eco-friendly alternatives. While the pandemic caused some slowdowns, they re-emerged stronger and more focused than ever. They are now the largest and first commercial manufacturer of compostable gloves, with multinationals like Starbucks and Taco Bell among their clients.

Moving forward, Greenware plans to expand its eco-friendly product line to include aprons, bedsheets, garbage bags, nursery bags, mulch films and biomedical waste collection bags. Their goal for 2023 is to target more eco chains, specifically those currently using plastic gloves, and encourage them to make the switch to their compostable gloves. By doing so, they can portray themselves as sustainable and green brands, which is increasingly important to consumers who care about the environment.

He highlights, “Our company has set some goals that we are working towards achieving. Firstly, we are focused on expanding our product range, ensuring we have a diverse range of eco-friendly alternatives for our customers. Additionally, we aim to ramp up our exports and establish partnerships for joint ventures to explore new markets, particularly the African and European markets. Our short-term strategy also involves targeting HORECA chains, educating them about the various eco-friendly alternatives available to their industry, and encouraging them to make the switch towards greener products, thereby reducing their carbon footprint & making them compliant with govt regulations.”

An Edge over All

One of the key factors that help Greenware gain the trust of new customers is its longstanding presence in the market. Another factor is their unwavering commitment to innovation and staying ahead of the curve. They were the first to successfully manufacture compostable gloves, which required extensive technical expertise and R&D. Their team is always striving to be one step ahead, anticipating market needs and incorporating new ideas during the ideation stage. They prioritize quality and affordability in their products and use in-house technology to ensure consistency and performance.

To achieve a greener tomorrow, Greenware's first step is to raise awareness and educate people about the benefits of using eco-friendly and compostable products. They understand that some customers may only focus on price, but they believe that by providing education on sustainability, people will realize the importance of making the switch. Additionally, they plan to collaborate with NGOs, freelancers, and other organizations to conduct joint campaigns and training programs to promote sustainability. They believe that by increasing awareness and educating the public, more people will take a conscious effort to switch to plastic-free and environmentally friendly products, thus contributing to a greener tomorrow.

Bright Side

“Our company's vision is to create and promote sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics with a focus on regenerative and CO2-free products. We want to make products that are as strong and durable as plastic, but without the negative impact on the environment. Our goal is to achieve the best of both worlds. We have several success stories to share. One of the biggest achievements is that major brands like Starbucks and Taco Bell have successfully used our compostable gloves in their outlets. This has not only helped them in their sustainable initiatives but also raised awareness about the importance of eco-friendly products. We have also gained the trust of the local Amravati Municipal Corporation, who regularly use our garbage bags and other Greenware products. In addition to gaining customers, we have received several certifications and approvals from accredited laboratories like CIPET and Intertek, which testify to the quality and sustainability of our products,” he concludes.